Book Synopsis’

I’ve written several other books during my time while living in China. The first is called today’s choices, tomorrow’s health, small steps to improve your health, exercise, and life, you can find that on Amazon, it was the number one bestseller in seven different categories peaked at 105. on Kindle of all of Amazon, as a chiropractor, part of the book will discuss what they can do for your health. What pain really is, why we have pain was it good for wasting, get rid of it. But we’re also gonna talk about like my weight loss journey, how I lost over 25 pounds and kept it off how I went from hating the exercise and weightlifting to being able to and doing cardio to actually be able to do 30 minutes on the cardio machine and do exercise routines and actually now enjoy it and miss it. If I go for a week or even outgoing, something physical also, diet is so important. Take also figuring out since obesity, you know being overweight is such a big deal. In most Western cultures, I have this research and found different ways to help trick yourself into being full and not eating as much. So that way you’re not trying to rely on exercise alone. Because reality, the Battle of the bold is in the kitchen, not on the treadmill, we’re going to talk about intermittent fasting, if you’re not sure what that word means it means you limit the number of times more time than you eat per day, or what you eat. And there are lots of different several different ways you can do it and go into some of the major categories of that. And while you I try it, people never know how much they’re supposed to eat, I guess I should eat 1500 calories to lose weight, I don’t really know.

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So I created this research and found several different formulas that are quite comprehensive. But it’s tailored to use if you just follow along and do some math, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you need based on your mail, what you weigh, how tall you are, what activity level you have. And you can find out exactly week by week if you gain weight, or you lose weight, how much you should eat per day. And we’ll talk about like what’s protein, carbs and fat and how to find the optimal percentage. We call those the macros for what you should be eating per day. Lastly, I’m gonna go over 12 different exercises and ever many stretches to give you blueprints to reduce headaches to strengthen your back so you don’t get the back pain and help you sleep more.
Okay. And finally, in that book, one of my passions is budgeting has been on finances and things like that. So we’re going to go through how to break down your expenses. Because a lot of people get divorced or have money issues. A lot of people are in debt a lot. And so I was like, You know what, I’m good at this milestone, just put this in the second edition. We’ll go through and try to break down all the different types of expenses, you could have ways to eliminate ways to reduce creating a budget, how do you save money, for retirement and in general? So when you go through all those types of things, I think you really get some value from that. I know I sure did. And the people that have read in the past have said great things about that. I offer to coach available for all these topics. If you read the book, you know, you need help, or you just know you have you need help in the money situation or you need help with your waistline, or getting back out there wanting to do a five K, contact me, here’s my email, offer one on one coaching, offer group coaching. You know, we do video chats and just find out what it is that you want. What’s your goal, and we dive different was the actual problem and help try to solve that. So you can see the results that you want is definitely doable. You see results from lots of different people, there are so many different types of diets have one that I like to prescribe. And it tends to get good results.
The second book is a do it yourself no-needle acupuncture book for 40 common conditions, wouldn’t you say that’s acupressure, just maybe you could say that? We’re going to China, you see lots of different charts, we’re going to Chiropractic and being around acupuncture and seeing some of the books that have you know, you learn a few things. So I was able to combine East meets West with acupuncture theory acupuncture points so that you can get the results that you’re looking for. A lot of people are scared of needles don’t have an acupuncturist in town, or frankly, can’t get off work to go see one, or don’t have the money to do it. So that I can remedy all these problems with this one. But there are devices and equipment available from something as simple as a the spring-loaded probe that has a tip, you can press on it and stimulate these points. Again, not breaking the skin to an electric acupuncture pin, which is the one I would recommend that puts as like a portable 10s unit that you might stimulate the nerves makes those relax, which makes the muscles relaxed for a while. But this is tailored to find acupuncture points, if you really want to do it, you could do cold laser, which is using red light that can penetrate up to like an inch deep. But that is somewhat out of most people’s budgets. But there are units available that I think could be affordable. You just need to reach out to me and we can do that. So what kind of conditions anxiety, insomnia, back pain, headaches, numbness in their arms or legs. TMJ, upset stomach, asthma, acne. Now, is it a cure for everything? No, there are some things that obviously, it’s not going to get better, you still need to take your medicine, you still need to see your local doctor and all this, but it could ease some of the symptoms could help you resolve it can help you sleep better. So these are points. Acupuncture can be controversial.

Some of it is based on the generic Chinese style Japanese style curry style. And then who did you study under? So some points? everybody agree on other points? This group was a Yeah, the other group will be like, Well, I’m not sure about that. So just know, these are the points that I saw in my clinic. And with the resources that I had available to find tonight with needed. In fact, we even offer here as a companion source. And I just usually throw a can usually throw it in as a is the ear points for some spots where you may not have someone to help you on say the back, there are some back points, can you do well, for those use the year and there are some even some little patches that you can wear on the air for a couple of days. So everything is laid out. We call it blueprints, protocols, I’m telling you, we talk nuts and bolts, I don’t give you a history lesson on what acupuncture is. And you know, who started and the meridian flows and all that stuff. And I don’t talk about any of that stuff. I’m telling you, it’s you do this, you do this, this many days, this is how you do it. These are the points. I’ve got word descriptions for the points, and we got pictures so you can see it. And you can read about it. That way you know exactly where they need to be. And it’s laid out by condition. So I do have a list of this. Their class was like large intestine and some numbers, liver and some numbers, stomach, and numbers. So you have that. And then you also have it as these are the conditions. And these are the points. And then in the back. There are pictures of each condition and the points that you need for those pictures only.

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So I hope you really enjoy those two books. And one that’s not written yet but it’s on the way is from my over 145 podcasts I did interview other doctors, not just chiropractors, but psychology, PhDs, physical therapy, dentist, optometry, medical doctors. podiatrist, one of the things I’ve always asked was, how do you keep the love alive in your relationships, particularly like a spouse or, or significant other so that you don’t get divorced? And how do you take more vacation? So I was able to combine all these different people’s knowledge and all the people that they know, into, into a book, a short book, like you reading now, it’s geared towards doctors, but really anybody could benefit from this because the advice is sound and different subjects. So by the time you get this book, it’ll probably be out as well.

And again, for the acupuncture for the relationships for the health, I offer coaching, call me contact me, I’d love to chat, we can video, we can not do video, however you want to do it, we can set it up, you can get the help that you need help that you want, I can be your coach, I’ll be your guide, you got to do the work. I’ll just help guide you to what you need to do. So you can make the learning curve quicker, save some time, save some money, get out of your own way, which it tends to be some people’s problem. That kind of self-sabotage. They give up too soon or they don’t know how to help it. They need some accountability. I’m there for you. So let’s do this together. Let’s make this year your best year yet.