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It’s tough not to break a sweat the first time you see your new password: 3 numerals, 2 symbols, 6 capital letters. But it gets easier when you use 1Password. It’s like having somebody to hold your hand and just use one! Don't get hacked by password guessing. Get 1Password for a better way to protect the things that matter most and share it with someone you trust.

graphiclogo5 appointy

Appointy Scheduler

The most sophisticated, complete scheduling software in the market today Appointy have a user-friendly interface and great customer service. Have people schedule direct from your site and you can even accept payments.



Get lifetime deals on software that can help you in business. EX: email marketing, calendars, AI powered content writing, photo and video creation, membership classes etc. All at prices and benefits that are unbeatable compared to their usual month to month rates.

podcast insider justin guest on podcast

Blubrry Podcast Hosting

Want to start your own podcast? Starting a podcast has never been easier! We’ve got what you need, the most flexible tools in podcasting. Hosting, statistics, and a powerful wordpress plugin. Blubrry makes it easy to get free transcripts and submit your show to the big apps.

EDGE iastm mobility tool or suspension trainer or bfr restriction cuff or inexpensive google apps emr

EDGE Mobility Equipment

You need to take your chiropractic or physical therapy clinic to the next level with well crafted affordable products like: IASTM mobility tools, Blood flow restriction system, suspension trainer and an inexpensive EMR based on google apps. The EDGE products lines are great. BONUS save 10% automatically

epen good qulaity front

Electric Acupuncture Pen

The electric acupuncture pen helps you locate the acupressure points. It also delivers a gentle pulse of electricity (like a TENS unit) to effectively stimulate the points so you get the results. Bundle it with the no needle acupuncture book too.



Create a beautiful website for your business with the world's leading WordPress designer! With this easy-to-use software, you can create stunning landing pages and design an engaging blog. You're not just limited to that: build up your customer base by customizing an online store too! Elementor offers everything you need when it comes to web design from one place--including tools for creating gorgeous sites in no time at all.

fiverr pro image


Hire freelancers from around the world and Get great prices, timelines and outcomes for services like business card design, logo design, music samples, landing pages and more. I use them for many of the songs and logos on this site.

FT face

theFutur - design

If you are looking on how to be amazing at Logo Deisgn, Typography and UX design then look no further than Chris Do of TheFutur. Check out their youtube channel to get a feel for him. Also, if you struggle with pricing what you are worth vs on time, then he will be the mindset change you need.


Google Fi Cellular Plan

I use Google Fi for my business and personal cell phone lines. Tethering up to 5gb, 35gb of data and has amazing rates for international calls and if you travel. Use link to save $20

justin version

HawkGrips IASTM Tools

With more than 9 tools you are sure to find a winner for all your soft tissue needs. The cross grip pattern gives you grip so the tool does not slip from your hands. You can buy one tool or buy many at once with 3 different bundle packs. The HGPRO is their flagship 4 in 1 tool for those on a budget. Use code PODCAST15 to save 15% :exclusive to this podcast



Hostinger is a super-streamlined web hosting service for the most popular content management system around: WordPress. Why settle for mediocre when you can have an impeccable experience? Automatic daily backups, best prices around and hey also do a seamless SSL to keep your site safe.

jlab speakers

JLab Audio Speaker

They sound great, fit comfortably in your ears, and are sweat-proof (on some of the versions). The biggest selling point to me is that it has 12-15 hours of Bluetooth listening--enough time for a long commute or even an international flight. Plus, there's a new technology that prevents skipping when operating hrough different movements while using them like running on a treadmill or going for a walk. JLab really cared about the quality as well with big drivers to make sure the sound reaches your ears properly and new C3™ Technology® which ensures crystal clear audio from every headset on their list! Try these earbuds today because they're worth it; what else will give you this much. I own 3 different headphones, a speaker and maybe a mic one day.


Successful people read a ton of books. CEO's average 60 books per year. As Doctors you know all to well how many you've read to get that credential. Have you been reading about leadership, relationships, marketing, etc you know MINDSET. At MentorBox you can Watch a Video (or read) a 15 minute interview with the Author of the book. The author teaches you the book and also provides a worksheet so you remember what was said as well as having a quick reference for later. At $7 a month, this is a no brainer.

missinglettr llustration plus logo


If you're looking for a simple way to grow your social presence and never miss an opportunity, look no further than Missinglettr. The app gives users the power to create dozens of posts with just one click, curate content in their niche that's trending at any time (no matter when it was posted), and plan months worth of posts - all on this single platform. With so much potential but such little effort required from our side, why wouldn't we give it a shot?

name cheap image


You're a small business owner, and you want your customers to see that email from @yourwebsite.com when they receive an invoice or other email correspondence! Let namecheap help make it happen. Also you can get your domain (web url address) here too at a great price.

60 day free trial noterro

Noterro Patient EHR

I use this EHR everyday. It has calender, reminders, and an easy flow for exams and daily notes. You can do custom sentences called snippets as well as it has AI powered note taking if you use that feature. For $25 a month its increduble. Use this link for 60 day free trial.

va ojph

Philippine Virtual Assistants

Hire Filipinos for your social media needs, blogging needs, make phone calls, wordpress and digital and print media needs. You only pay a small fee to post a job and work out a great rate to a local virtual assistant from the Philippines.

pcloud storage

Pcloud Storage

Europe's most trusted cloud storage is Pcloud. They use Swiss Data Protection, Access on Any Device, share to anyone you choose, see if they open it and 12 million customers. I've been a customer for years with their lifetime value signups.

prolon box e1601032048973

Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet

ProLon helps maintains healthy levels of fasting blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure, as well as C-reactive protein, triglycerides, and stem cells. Reduce excess fat while maintaining body mass. Trim your waistline with focused weight .loss from visceral fat in the abdomen. Promote stem cell-based rejuvenation (or renewal). Trigger apoptosis and autophagy in your body for clean-up of old and damaged tissue. Promotes focus and mental clarity. Promotes energy. SEND ME AN EMAIL

p mail

Proton Mail HIPAA

Can't say enough good things about protonmail. They do HIPAA compliant email and even their normal email is encrypted end to end. When you do their paid account you also get a VPN and now they have a calendar and cloud storage. You also get up to 10 custom email domains too so you look like a real company.


PureVPN ​

This is my go to VPN service. I used them to enhance security in all my devices (up to 5 connected at once) as well as access the blocked sites due to the countries standards. The app itself didn't work well for me, however the manual method of setup did. Plus the price is great. In fact they typically have a % off or a buy one year get one free sale.

screen pal screencast o matic

ScreenPal (was Screencast-O-Matic)

Capture anything on your screen for quick recordings with the option to add audio narration and video from any webcam. They have a stock library and a free version too. Record trainings of most commonly repeated tasks, webinars and more.

second line

Secondline Themes (podcast specific for WordPress)

Customize everything, screen responsive and it's what I use on this site. The themes are the perfect solution for podcasters wanting to showcase their episodes using WordPress. Built-in audio players, subscribe buttons, and more. Easily change your layout or use an embed player from any podcast host. With several themes available, you will look professional with zero experience.

power bands

Set For Set

Are you bored at the gym? Swinging barbells all day and using machines? Do you like the idea of Crossfit but not the intensity? Have you tried any BootCamps? Try the Power Bands. These are super resistant and great for shoulder, hip, and knee mobility increases…plus you can use the resistance as a workout as well.

simple set exercises 1

SimpleSet Exercise Library

SimpleSet is an innovative software platform that revolutionizes the way healthcare providers create, customize, and prescribe exercise programs for their patients. The platform provides a comprehensive exercise library with over 6,000 exercises and allows providers to create customized programs based on the patient's unique needs and goals. With features like video demonstrations, tracking, and progress reports, SimpleSet makes it easy for providers to monitor their patients' progress and make adjustments to their programs in real-time. This not only improves patient outcomes but also saves providers time and resources. SimpleSet is a game-changer for healthcare providers who want to provide high-quality care while streamlining their workflow.

sm print 1

Sticker Mule

From Stickers to Coasters and Labels and so much more. Use my link to save $10 Great quality print and materials, plus they have killer sales

trtl scientifically H shaped travel neck pillow

Trtl Travel Pillow

Are you tired of waking up with a stiff neck from sleeping on an uncomfortable bus or airplane seat? The Scientifically Proven Travel Pillow will help. It's as light and small as a scarf (so it won't take up extra space in your bag), machine washable, hypoallergenic, and comes complete with the H shaped support to ensure that no matter what position you're asleep in- head is supported all night long! I use this travel pillow when I'm traveling through Asia because it helps me stay sound asleep for my entire trip without any discomfort while sitting upright in buses or airplanes seats for hours at a time. No more bobbing heads which means less chance of getting woken up.

wellevate pills

Vitamin Recommendations

With Wellevate you have access to my virtual supplement store. You can purchase the most common supplements I recommend for my patients right here! If you need advice on what might be best for you or a loved one just email me.

wave bills

Wave Accounting Software

This platform is free and has features that are comparable to the more expensive programs. You will have access to all of your receipts, bank transactions, profit/loss statements as well as invoicing with a simple click on this program!

courses e learning

WP CourseWare Creation

Create your first course within minutes using our powerful drag and drop course editor. You can even begin earning money from your courses the same day! Drag and drop course creation, videos, support and more. E-learning is popular and you can create a course for your patients that is free or charged and you can teach anything. Plus, no extra fees and no splitting commissions like many other programs.


Writesonic AI writer

AI-powered content creation to help you write long form blogs, facebook ads, amazon descriptions and copywriting with classic formats like AIDA, PAS and much more. You type 1 sentence, it spits out 5 options and you mix and blend how you see fit. So quick and easy.

Disclaimer: Please note that most of the links on this page are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. Some of the products I currently use or have used before and some were given free to test out. I am recommending them because they are helpful and are companies that I like and trust..
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