Do chiropractors adjust on first visit?

Some do and some don’t, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that it depends on a few factors.  How severe are your symptoms and what was discovered during the exam? If the condition presents with red flags, then the patient may have to go out for an MRI, CT or even x-rays if the clinic does not offer them. We would want the results of those images before delivering the first adjustment.  That’s not to say that you won’t get other treatment for muscle pain while we wait for the test results, and that can still provide relief.

At Dr. Trosclair’s clinic, we do tend to adjust on the first visit. We did an orthopedic, neurologic and functional exam to rule out any reasons not to deliver a spinal adjustment and to make sure it was safe and we determined the cause of your pain. You are in pain so let’s deliver a treatment and find some relief for your neck and back pain.

Sometimes the clinic could be really busy and the time allotted for a new patient expires. Maybe it is because the new patient was running late or the doctor.  Again though, we would make every effort to treat the same day when it is possible.

The Biggest thing to be aware of is that many clinics don’t adjust on the first visit because they have a second day explanation of what’s wrong with you. Some clinics might offer seemingly long plans and / or expensive plans so just use your judgment before swiping the credit card.

Try telehealth video based appointments. If we are still in covid-19 lockdown and your neck or back pain is beginning to really annoy you, then schedule an appointment from this link.