All Your Chiropractic Needs at One Place

Dr. Trosclair is well versed in traditional chiropractic adjusting techniques.
He also specializes in the non twisting, non popping type of adjustments using instruments. He can be more specific, and deliver a much faster, consistently controlled and exact force to any vertebrae on every patient all day long that needs motion restored.

This unique non surgical spinal decompression table allows you to gently and safely put tension in the lower back or neck to create a “negative pressure” inside the injured discs to help draw back the bulging or “slipped” disc material. It also brings fluid into the disc to help it re-hydrate and heal.

Offering you four years of experience with the popular vibration massage guns plus 14 years of hands on massage techniques.

Rest assured if you have a trigger point and muscle tension, the doctor will try several ways to make it relax and back in balance.

Adult Scoliosis Pain Relief

Discover the unque treatment I learned in Germany to not only get relief from scoliosis pain but in many instances see functional straightening.
There is hope for scolosis without bulky braces and hours of exercise each week.

Cold laser (special red light) can speed the healing process, reduce pain and increase flexibility. It’s pain free and can be brought to your location.
Kinesiology Taping can help support the muscles and joints during activities therefore reducing pain while you do what you need to.

Expect stretches, exercises, ergonomic advice and other help so you can get back to your active life and stay that way.
A video library and handouts of my most common recommendations will be available on this site.

Not Sure What You Need?

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It’s easy to determine if your condition can be helped by chiropractic or co-managed with another speciality. 
Either way, let us take a closer look to suggest the best treatment you need.