We Welcome Dr. David Miller and Dr. John Sullivan’s Patients. Instrument Adjusting is our Niche too.

instrument adjusting

Experience gentle and effective relief from pain and improved overall health with Instrument Based Adjusting - the researched and proven chiropractic technique that uses a specialized instrument for precision adjustments.

With a speed 100x faster than your hand, you can get 25% more motion into the spine ALL with NO twisting, NO Popping and NO Cracking. A great way to get rid of neck and back pain in as little as 6 visits.

How Instrument Adjusting Benefits a Patient

in 16 years
Adjustments Given with No Adverse Side Effects
Times the Motion
Tools provide more spinal motion
Times Faster
So Fast your Muscles have No time to tighten up
Dr. Justin was Certified in Activator & Impulse

Reduce Pain, Increase Motion

Clinical trials confirm its effectiveness in reducing pain, improving range of motion, reduce inflammation and relaxing trigger point muscles.

Traditional Treatments May Not Work

You may find yourself with osteoporosis or rods and bolts or just plain afraid of the normal chiropractic adjustment. With instruments you just lay there with no twisting. Improve overall posture and balance, enhance athletic performance, improve range of motion so you can get back to work and doign the activities you love-pain free.

activator and impulse instrument adjusting certifications
Instrument Adjusting Certifcations: Activator and Impulse Neuromechanical

Immediate and Long-Term Improvement in Pain and Disability

Backed by Science and Clinical Trials The Activator and Impulse Adjusting Instruments are widely researched chiropractic techniques with clinical trials supporting its efficacy. It's as effective as manual manipulation in reducing pain and disability while increasing range of motion. This is a safe and natural alternative to medications and surgery for neck, low back and SI pains.

Super Fast Thurst But NO Pain & NO Twisting of the Neck or Low Back

Impulse delivered treatments are faster than the body's natural tendency to tighten up and resist the adjustment, adding to the comfort of the treatment and the patient's satisfaction.

Dr. Trosclair stands out as the only practitioner in the region with this distinction

Discover the Power of Instrument-Assisted Adjusting

Introducing the Activator Method and Impulse Adjusting Instruments – a highly effective chiropractic technique that can reduce pain and disability, increase range of motion, and provide immediate and long-term relief. With instrument-assisted adjusting, you can experience the benefits of chiropractic care without any forceful manipulation.

instrument adjusting neck and SI joint

The Process

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Step 3 - Be Pain Free & Doing Activities

Start getting pain relief and back to the liefstyle you deserve and missed.

Get Relief from Pain with Instrument-based Chiropractic Adjusting

If you’re suffering from pain in your back, neck, or extremities, the Impulse and Activator Methods of chiropractic adjusting might be just what you need. These innovative techniques are safe, effective, and gentle, and they use handheld instruments to target problem areas of the spine and joints. Dr. Justin Trosclair is a highly skilled and certified chiropractor who specializes in these cutting-edge techniques.


What Our Patients Say

I was having migraines just about everyday for the past 6 months. I started seeing a chiropractor and it helped some, but now I see Dr. Trosclair and I haven’t had a migraine since we started two weeks ago. I think it has to do with his Activator technique, but I just know that now my life doesn’t revolve around aspirin and pain killers.
heather mom
Heather B
Mom, Desk Worker
I am a body builder who competes in competitions. During the off season I was having trouble with my lateral raises. He did adjustments with that ‘clicker’ and did some muscle work on the shoulder and arm. I didn’t think the Activator was going to do much, but I figured he is the doc I’ll give him a few times. All I can say is WOW. I saw the doc around 6-7 times and got out of pain and was able to lift properly again.
body builder
Steven H
Body Builder
My son went to all sorts of doctors but go no relief from his mid back pain. I was able to finally convince him to go to Dr. Trosclair because he has been really successful at helping me with my headaches, low back pain, and sciatica. After just 2 visits his pain subsided for a few weeks. I highly recommend him to my friends and family and to anyone who is skeptic, just give him a try…you won’t regret it
carl skeptic
Carl G

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Meet Dr. Justin Trosclair

Born & raised in Breaux Bridge, he attended LSU and obtained the chiropractic degree in Texas in 2007.  He spent 6 years in Denver, CO at his private practice. Once he sold it, he spent 5 years in a hospital TCM Department in Yunnan, China. He then ventured to a private clinic in Germany for 2 years furthering his skills in a unique scoliosis chiropractic technique. Now he has advanced training in 3d over correction exercises via ScoliBalance approach from ScoliCare.

Dr. Trosclair has many years of experience evaluating and treating nearly 8000 patients for various neck and back pain aliments with chiropractic adjustments, muscle work and exercises.

All those years have come full circle to be able to offer you the best treatment available from the comfort of your home or convenience of his office in Acadiana.

Dr. Justin's Authored Books and Past Interviews

  • 5 Monthly Lectures -Shanghai Qiangzhi Hospital
  • Hands-on Workshop – SuiYang, China
  • Lecture at 4th Annual WRDCA – TianJin, China
  • Podcast  host 250+ Episodes
  • 5 years in China (hospital based)
  • 2 years in Germany (scoliosis specialty)

Today’s Choices Tomorrow’s Health : a 4 way health reboot and blueprint on how to make lasting changes
Needle-less Acupuncture
: 40 DIY conditions that can be managed from home   
Chinese Dinner Culture : dinner is a huge part of their culture and I guide you through to gain face
Kid’s Animal Coloring Books : over 200 pages of animals and insects that kids can color that have the name in 5 languages
Balanced Success Journal: A Daily Reflection and Planning Journal for Balance, Productivity, and Personal Growth

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