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STAY TUNED – we will be adding a multitude of exercises and stretching videos in the future.

We offer sports injury treatment. Myofascial release (with our hands or with instruments) are used to break up adhesions in the muscles.

This means if you have trigger points and ropey muscles, then we can relieve them fast and get you back on the field/court. We do these treatments not just for athletes but for any patient in our office. Shoulders, knees, ankles, elbows, tendinitis, patella pain, sprain/strains of any muscles, performance enhancement, and increased flexibility are all treated here successfully.

rehab bandsRehab is utilized in our office. We focus on exercises and stretches that you can do at your home. This means low cost equipment that will get you in shape, your core muscles stronger, and increase muscle endurance. We believe that adjustments combined with rehab will get you quicker and longer lasting results. posture pumps  The Posture Pump -Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression units serve a variety of functions here in the office.  The blue neck version has two air cells that fit at the base of the neck and the shoulders.  Once inflated and used properly, the discs can be increased or plumped up anywhere from 20-50% while on the device.  This allows blood flow, water and nutrients to rush into the disc. The force also stretches the spinal muscles and tendons into the proper “C” shape curve the neck and low back are supposed to be in.  The proper curve can potentially help with muscle fatigue, headaches, and slow down arthritis due to improper spinal weight bearing.

The gray version is for the low back and has a foot extender attached to it.  Not only does this version improve the disc and curve but it also helps decompress the spine.  Once inflated properly in the lumbar, the patient can extend their legs. This tractions the pelvis and acts to decompress the spine while maintaining the proper spinal curvature.  This device is a nice alternative or home use product in lieu of or on top of the spinal decompression table.

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