What will a chiropractor do on the first visit?

Everyone’s favorite past time, Paperwork. All kidding aside, there are several documents that any doctor should have you fill out.  Basic information, your past medical history, consent to treatment forms, HIPAA stuff and the all important, what hurts now or what is bringing you to the office today.

After that, Doctor Justin will talk with you (consultation) about your condition. He asks questions and actually listens to your answers. After discussing your problems, he will decide if this is a chiropractic case or if it should be referred to a different professional. 

Assuming your condition is chiropractic related, he will take you into a room and you can keep your clothes on. An orthopedic and neurologic exam is performed. This will involve turning your head, bending over, lifting an arm or leg and pressing into painful areas of your body and repeatedly asking, “any pain here, what about if I do this or that.”  Then a functional exam will be performed. This will be an observation of how you do specific motions: ie squat, shoulder motion and so on.

If the office has an x-ray machine and your condition specifically calls for one, then that will happen, however there is a big push to not do more x-rays than clinically necessary.

Next, the doctor will inform you of what is wrong with you, can he treat it, how much it may cost and how long it will take to get better.

Finally, if everything goes as planned, you will receive a chiropractic adjustment *manual or instrument based* and any therapies that the doctor thinks you need to get the fastest and long lasting results.

PS: first visit for a telehealth visit is slightly different. You click a link, a webpage will open, and the doctor will join you via video. We discuss what health concern you have, he may have you do certain motions to assess your issues, and then self care exercises and stretches and or nutritional advice etc is given. Learn more here or just schedule an appointment today.