Should I see a massage therapist or chiropractor?

Deep inside I would say do both, however I know for many that cost is an important factor.  In Dr. Justin Trosclair’s office you will receive more than just a chiropractic adjustment. While only doing a spinal manipulation is good at stimulating the muscle, nerve and pain fibers and getting everything to calm down and feel great, sometimes it’s not enough to get that quick pain free feeling you are looking for.

Many chiropractors can perform trigger point therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, massage, pinch and stretch therapy, cold laser and even muscle stim.  That laundry list of confusing jargon words really doesn’t mean much to you I’m sure. What it means is that you are going to get a ‘massage’ like treatment to the muscles that are tight and painful.  It won’t be a relaxing zen type of massage however for an hour. These techniques target the problem areas specifically and can be a little uncomfortable while being work on. That said, those 10-20 minutes are going to get you massive results and that beats a full hour. 

Of course if you have the money and time and want a relaxing experience then a massage is a good service to add to the chiropractic. I’ve had plenty of patients ask me for just an adjustment because they would rather have a full hour to relax. 

Financially insurance typically covers those fancy massage terms I mentioned earlier (even though these days with high deductibles you end paying a discounted rate for it out of pocket anyway).

These days a hands on approach may be hard to get *coronavirus* so if you want to get pain relief from the comfort of your own home, then fill out the form below for more information or better yet, just schedule an appointment here.