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Maybe the navigator of our health care system is over rated.

Americans spend more money treating the side effects of medication than the
cost of medication itself.

There was a ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  On this large ship was
a gruff, heavy set captain who was shortsighted, slightly deaf, and very

He and his crew followed the principles of majority rule on decisions about
navigating the ocean.

On board the ship, they had a very skilled navigator who knew how to read
the stars on voyages.  This navigator was better than anyone on board at
getting the ship to it’s destinations, but the navigator was not very popular and
was rather misunderstood.

One time, in the panic of being lost at sea, the captain and crew made a
decision based on majority rule to follow the most charismatic and persuasive
of the crewmembers to navigate the ship and get back on course.

They ignored and ridiculed the navigator‘s suggestions, remained lost, and
ultimately starved to death.

In America, the health care model that is “majority rule” is failing.

The World Health Organization ranks the United States 37th in the world in
health care, and 24th in the world in healthy living. [Tweet “who ranks the USA 37th in the world in health care”]

The American Medical Association reports that properly prescribed
medicine, taken properly, is unfortunately the [Tweet “ama says properly prescribed meds R 4th leading cause of death “]in
the United States. That means you have a better chance of dying from
properly taking medication than you do from being in an automobile accident
or having AIDS.


Americans spend more money treating the side effects of medication than the
cost of medication itself.

Our health care system has a navigator, a doctor of chiropractic, who is very
skilled at improving health and well being naturally and with little to no risk.

The navigator is not very popular in the usual medical democracy of the pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association.

The public misunderstands the navigator because the medical profession
ridicules chiropractic, and the ‘majority’ of people in this country make their
decisions based on the traditional medical approach.

The problem is when you look at the health of our country statistically, the
traditional medical approach is sinking like the titanic.

Our country has never been sicker, more depressed, more overweight, or
used more drugs.

For health in our country to change, we need to change the way we think
about health.  Albert Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same
level of thinking that you had when the problem was created.”

Failure to change your beliefs and your approach to your health will leave
you in a model that has proven statistical failure.

No one ever said you have to abandon the medical model of healthcare, but
maybe it’s time to start listening to the navigators.


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