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Improve your health, one step at a time!

full cover todays choices tomorrows health book dr justin trosclair

We all want to be healthy. We all want to avoid nasty diseases which will slow us down or even prematurely end our lives, but most of us tend to look for the quick fix.  Fad diets, crash exercise courses and all manner of crazy weight loss programs mean that people may feel better in the short term, but are unable to maintain it.

Now, with Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Health: Small Steps to Improve Health, Food Choices and Exercise,

there is a book which revolutionizes the way you should be approaching your wellbeing.
Divided into three sections, the book examines the three things which are the keys to good health:
• Our overall health
• Eating the right foods
• Making sure you exercise
Complete with 12 Health Hacks, plus 11 great exercises, no matter if you are a Couch Potato or Weekend Warrior the simple steps are personalized for each individual and you can do them in the comfort of your own home.

There are also blueprints for weight loss, muscle gain and better food choices, recipe tips for how to spice up your food and much more, including Dr. Justin Trosclair’s own personal journey of losing 25 pounds.

Becoming healthier is a process and one which is best done slowly, to ensure a lasting effect. With Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Health you have the perfect book to make a start on those life-changing habits.

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