The Health Benefits of Red Wine

more proof that moderate red wine consumption is healthy.

Red wine contains nutrients called polyphenols.

For the past several years there have been reports about the health
benefits of drinking red wine.  Here is more proof that moderate
red wine consumption is healthy.
Red wine contains nutrients called polyphenols.  And while some
health conscious people take nutritional supplements to get these
grape compounds, recent research is showing that the best way to
get these nutrients is to drink red wine.
The reason for this is red wine contains the entire group of
polyphenol nutrients, a group that has been shown to work much
better synergistically.  Nutritional supplements on the other hand
do not contain the entire group of polyphenols.
One cool thing to know is that new research from the University of
Puerto Rico School of Medicine is showing that breast tumor growth
and metastasis to bone and liver are inhibited by the complete
grape polyphenol complex.
In their latest study that was published in the March 18 edition of
Clinical and Experiential Metastasis, the scientists showed that
combined polyphenols induced death in cancer cells.
The power of polyphenols to protect and heal is not surprising
considering that polyphenols stand guard to defend plants from
ultraviolet radiation, pests, and injury.  They also defend against
infection from bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
Polyphenols also keeps livers safe from alcohol damage.  Research
from the College of Medicine at the University of South Florida
found that polyphenols reduce the amount of fat produced in the
liver and increases the rate at which the fat is broken down.  This
study was reported in the October, 2008 edition of American Journal
of Physiology, Gastointestinal and Liver Physiology.
Red wine also gives a boost to dieters
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The ability of resveratol (a polyphenol) to inhibit the development
of fat cells means dieters can benefit from red wine consumption.
Red wine is prominently featured in the Mediterranean diet, which
is a way of eating that relies on eating whole foods with wine.
This type of diet has been shown to reduce mortality (death) from
all causes.
The term French paradox refers to the observation that even though
the French eat similar amounts of high fat foods, exercise less,
and smoke more than Americans do, they appear to have a markedly
lower mortality rate from heart disease. Studies suggest that one
of the reasons the French have a lower rate of heart disease is
their regular consumption of red wine.
Red wine also protects neurons.
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Chronic consumption of alcohol increases oxidative stress in the
body which accounts for negative neurological changes.  However,
polyphenols from red wine, grape skins, and grape seeds exhibit
strong antioxidant activity.  In a study released in the June 8,
2007 issue of Neuroscience, researchers credited red wine
polyphenols for improving the antioxidant status in the brain and
preventing free radical induced neuronal damage.
So as you can see, there are a lot of great health benefits to
drinking red wine!
Just don’t over do it.  Don’t drink and drive,
and of course Pregnant females shouldn’t drink.
Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon!
Dr. Justin Trosclair dc