Don’t Skip Breakfast – Here’s Why…

Skipping breakfast for teens may lead to obesity

Stop snacking on junk and eat a protein and fat rich breakfast, in moderation

Do you eat breakfast every morning?

Or do you skip breakfast to “save” those calories?

A recent study confirms that you should be eating breakfast if you don’t want to gain weight.

According to the largest study to follow the breakfast habit of teens, those who skipped the breakfast meal were 5 pounds heavier on average than those who ate the morning meal.  They also ate less healthy during the day and exercised less frequently.

Unfortunately, the obesity rate for adolescents has tripled over the past 20 years, and this may be one of the contributing reasons.

The bottom line here is the [Tweet “teens who skip breakfast are more likely to be obese”].  And the same thing can happen to adults.

So make sure you take the time to eat a morning meal, even if it’s grabbing a banana on the way out the door.

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Source: March 3, 2008