Should I wear a bra to the chiropractor?

Yes, please do. In fact, in my office, rare is the day that you should ever have to take it off.


If your case needs x-rays then we can have you change into a gown with no bra because that is what is expected to have a quality x-ray “no bra lines” obstructing the doctors view of bones and anatomy. Of course we will step out of the room while you change.

Other than that, here at Justin Trosclair DC’s office, we adjust with clothes on and try our best to do muscle work with clothes on as well. My palpation skills are excellent so I don’t need skin on skin to deliver an adjustment.

Even if your particular case warrants a shirt being removed, the bra would normally still be allowed to be worn.

Hope this clears up any fears or misunderstandings.

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