What should you not wear to a chiropractor?

I would shy away from bathing suits but I would assume you aren’t wearing those to a doctor’s office to begin with.

Seriously though, short skirts aren’t a great idea. During an exam some of the orthopedic tests require raising a leg and the skirt will ride up. A regular visit will also have legs being in a position that might make a women feel more exposed than necessary.

Has Dr. Trosclair treated plenty of female patients in less than ideal outfits, sure, and he takes precautions to make sure the patients feel safe, secure and modest.

At this office exercises and stretches are regularly done in the office, so again a skirt and dress would be less than ideal.

What should you wear?

Workout pants and shorts and jeans are great options for a chiropractic office visit. Shirts, blouses etc are generally all accepted.

Lastly, if your shirt is soaked with sweat for whatever reason, as a courtesy to the doctor, staff and most importantly the other patients, have a clean dry shirt in the car for back up.

Reminder: telehealth aka appointments from a computer, are now available. You would be surpirsed just how much we can do to support your health even if we can’t “crack your back.”

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