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Why You Need Sunlight In The Winter

Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in mood, stress | Comments Off on Why You Need Sunlight In The Winter

getting minimal sunlight for prolonged periods of time can negatively impact your mood. Your body is designed to be in the sun and get sunlight. If not supplement with Vitamin D Even though we are fast approaching the winter months, it’s still important that you get out in the sun when you can.   It’s well known that there’s a proven association between darkness and depression.  And now there’s a new study out that reveals the profound changes that light deprivation causes in your brain.  In this study, neuroscientists kept rats in the dark for 6 weeks.  The animals not only showed depressive behavior but also suffered brain damage in regions of the brain that are known to be underactive in humans during states of depression.  Also, neurons that produce the neurotransmitters involved in emotion, pleasure, and cognition began to die.  (Not...

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