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Pain relief for your neck, low back, headaches and sciatica

5 Ways To Eliminate Headaches Before They Start

Preventing Headaches is much easier than dealing with them

We cover water, msg, adjustments and more

With all the stress going on these days, I’ve noticed a lot of

people complaining about headaches.

 So I wanted to send you a quick email to share with you 5 ways you

can eliminate headaches before they even start…WITHOUT pills!


1. Obey Your Alarm Clock


 According to Dr. Lisa Mannix, a spokeswoman for the National Headache

Foundation in Chicago, pressing your snooze button may turn you into

 a head case. As it turns out, snoozing in for more than an hour

after the alarm clock goes off can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle and

 set you up for a tension headache later in the day.


2. Eat Smart


 The substances in processed food–such as nitrates in luncheon meat

and monosodium glutamate (MSG) in some ready-to-eat food items–can

trigger a migraine in certain people. To be certain that you don’t

get “hit in the head” when you least expect it, grab an easy-to-eat

fruit when you feel hungry. Better yet, make an effort to lessen


your consumption of processed food.


3. Get Adjusted


 In her article, “Stop a Headache Before It Starts,” Jaydine Sayer

explains: “The main sensory nerve in your forehead is rooted at the

base of your neck–which is why experiencing muscle tension there or

in your shoulders can lead to head pain.”  When the spinal bones in

the neck get locked up and subluxated, it will cause muscle tension

and nerve irritation that can cause headaches.  Getting chiropractic

adjustments regularly easily solves this problem for most people. 


4. Drink Water


Doctors reveal that dehydration is a common cause of headaches. When

your body loses fluids, you also begin to “wilt” like a parched

plant. All your body functions go haywire and pretty soon you’ll feel

 your head throbbing.


5. Take a Breather


 Tension headaches set in when you’re stressed out. This is when your

cortisol and adrenaline levels surge. When this happens, your body is

forced to pump out sugar. “The rapid change in glucose levels can set

you up for pain. You have to give yourself a few minutes to

decompress so stress won’t get to you,” states Sayer.

There you have it. You can avoid the agony of a mind-numbing headache

by doing these simple things. There’s no need to pop pills when you

can get rid of pain the natural and healthy way!

 Have a great day!


 Dr. Justin Trosclair

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