Doc, do what you did last time… | chronic low back pain

We find with chronic low back pain that healing takes time and patience.

Adjustments build on top of the other and over time retrains the nervous system and get pain free.

I had a conversation with a patient the other day that I thought you might
find interesting.

The patient was a male in his late 40’s.  He became a patient because he has
chronic low back pain.

The first 7 chiropractic adjustments I gave him didn’t provide much relief.  In
fact, in each of those first 7 visits the patient stated that he wasn’t feeling any
better and wasn’t sure if the adjustments were working.

When he came in for his 8th chiropractic adjustment, he seemed like he was
in a great mood.

I asked him how his body was functioning and he said, “Doc, I feel great!
Do whatever you did the last time I was here.  That really seemed to work.”

The thing is, the adjustments that I gave this patient were the essentially the
same every time.

So why did he think that the first 6 adjustments weren’t doing any good and
the 7th adjustment was the one that made all the difference?

Because he doesn’t understand how the body heals.

The patient gave the 7th adjustment all the credit, but the truth is it was ALL
of the adjustments together that made the difference.

That is because healing is a process that takes time.  And if you don’t give
your body enough time or enough adjustments to heal, then it won’t heal

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You see, each chiropractic adjustment you receive builds on the previous
one.  And even if you don’t feel any better after the first few adjustments,
that doesn’t mean that your body isn’t healing, because it is.

Just like it takes years to reposition teeth with braces, it takes several
chiropractic adjustments to restore proper movement and alignment with
the spine.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to heal and get results with your
chiropractic care.

Patients become frustrated sometimes because they want to feel better
immediately and if they don’t get better overnight, they don’t think the
adjustments are working.

If you cut your finger, does the wound heal in 24 hours?  No, it takes days
before the cut has healed.

So to wrap this up, here’s three points that I want you to take away from
this story:

* Each chiropractic adjustment you receive builds upon the previous

* Healing is a process that takes time.

* Chiropractic works if you give yourself enough time and enough

Have a wondeful day!


Dr. Justin Trosclair dc

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