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The mindset you need to be healthy and pain free

Posted by on Nov 29, 2017 in attitude, benefits, maintenance, self help, stress | Comments Off on The mindset you need to be healthy and pain free

Are you “entitled” to have good health and feel great As you can imagine, I get the chance to meet and help a lot of people with their health. And just like you, everyone I know has a “philosophy” or “mindset” of how to be healthy and pain free. The thing is, there is only one mindset that works better than all the rest. That approach is the “take care of yourself on a regular basis” approach to health. Unfortunately, some of the patients that I see are of the belief that they are “entitled” to have good health and feel great all the time without having to do anything. They think they can eat whatever they want, rarely exercise, and only take care of their body when “something hurts”…and feel great. But it doesn’t work that way. At least not in the long run, and especially as you get older. Here’s a question to think about…How come no one questions the idea of servicing a car regularly throughout its lifespan? You know, things like keeping the interior and exterior of the car clean, changing the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, rotating the tires, putting in new spark plugs, and so on. You want to know why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Everyone knows that if you take care of your car regularly, then it will not only run better but in the long run will cost less. So why is it then that some people take better care of their cars than they do their health? How come some people think it makes sense to take care of a car regularly, but not their body? Here’s the dilemma we all face, whether we like it or not… 1. Our bodies all experience “normal wear and tear” from living our daily lives. And this normal wear and tear breaks our bodies down. 2. We are all aging, and it’s unavoidable. And guess what? Aging slowly but surely breaks our bodies down. 3. We all experience stress in our lives. Some more than others, but we all do. Whether it’s relationships, finances, work, environmental, etc. And what do you think stress does to our bodies? You got it…breaks it down. These 3 things are unavoidable, and happen each and every day whether we like it or not. And these 3 things are constantly working against us to wear our bodies out and decrease our health and quality of life. So what should we do? Here’s something I want you to do. Take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle, and on the left hand side, write all of the things that are causing your health and quality of life to decrease. I’ve given you 3 things for that side…normal wear and tear, aging, and stress. You might have others to add to that list. normal wear and tear, aging, and stress: How is your  mindset counterbalance these? Now, on the right hand side of the paper, write down all of the things you do on a regular basis to improve your health and quality of life. These are things that will counter act the things on the left hand side of the paper that are decreasing your health. Do you see the...

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Pediatric Chiropractic Is Safe – New Information

Posted by on Nov 22, 2017 in children, research, self help | Comments Off on Pediatric Chiropractic Is Safe – New Information

Is chiropractic care safe for children One of the most common questions I get from patients is, “Is chiropractic care safe for children,” or “Can my children come in here and receive chiropractic care?” The answer is yes, chiropractic care is safe for kids, and yes, you can bring your kids in to receive chiropractic care. The thing you need to know is that chiropractic care is not “age related.” Anyone from newborns to people 100+ years old can experience the benefits of chiropractic care. Someone who doesn’t understand chiropractic may say, “My child doesn’t have back pain, so they don’t need chiropractic care.” My child doesn’t have back pain, so they don’t need chiropractic care However, that’s the wrong thinking. That would be like saying, “My child doesn’t have any teeth that have pain, so they don’t need to brush their teeth.” Doesn’t make sense, does it? The bottom line is that when you take care of things, they are always better. That could be your body, your teeth, your car…whatever. When you neglect your body, you pay a price. When you take care of your body, it simply works better and feels better. Children who get chiropractic care feel great just like their parents. They also don’t get sick as much, and their bodies are able to grow and develop without any structural problems. And it’s also very safe. A new study by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) was just published this month in the biomedical journal, Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing. Only 3 adverse events from the chiropractic care for pediatric, a .00055% chance of anything going wrong. As far as safety is concerned, out of 5,438 office visits, there were only 3 adverse events from the chiropractic care, a .00055% chance of anything going wrong. (That’s well below a 1% risk factor, so based on the results of this study, children have a 99+% chance of having no problems receiving chiropractic care) In the study, both parents and chiropractors indicated there was a high rate of improvement with respect to the children’s presenting complaints. So this study showed that chiropractic care for children was very safe and very effective. There are a lot of great benefits of having your kids get chiropractic care, so if your children aren’t receiving chiropractic care, now is a great time to get them started! Email if you have any questions or comments and I’ll talk to you soon! Sincerely, Dr. Justin Trosclair...

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5 fats that make you lean

Posted by on Nov 17, 2017 in food, heart, nutrition, obesity, weightloss | Comments Off on 5 fats that make you lean

A moderate amount of fat in your diet will help you lose weight, feel full longer, and avoid bingeing. Today I want to talk to you about fats. A lot of people think that to lose weight you need to cut the fat out of your meals. This thinking seems reasonable since fat is higher in calories than protein and carbohydrates and low fat diets are very popular. But this thinking is wrong. Research shows that there are a lot of advantages to eating “good fats.” A moderate amount of fat in your diet will help you lose weight, feel full longer, and avoid bingeing. The trick of course is to eat healthy fats. So here are five of the best fats you should be eating on a regular basis. 1. Fish Fish like salmon, albacore tuna, herring, mackerel, and sardines contain beneficial amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Most experts agree that eating two servings of fatty fish per week is safe for people worried about mercury or other toxins in the fish. 2. Olive oil Oils that are heart healthy include olive, canola, and peanut, and are excellent sources of fat. They have also been shown to lower bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Moderate is important: you only need about a teaspoon of oil to get all of its benefits. 3. Avocados Avocados are a great source of fat. Another benefit of they have is when you eat avocados with other foods, like in a salad for example, you absorb more antioxidants and phytonutrients. Avocado slices are great on salads, tacos, and even a burger! 4. Nuts Almonds, pecans, peanuts, and walnuts offer good nutrition – full of antioxidants, minerals, and monounsaturated fat. Eating nuts on a regular basis also helps you weight less. Another benefit of eating nuts is they’re rich and satisfying so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating “diet food!” 5. Flaxseeds Flaxseeds contain fat, protein, and fiber, and are a great addition to your diet. You can grind them up and add them to salads, vegetables, oatmeal, or any other food where you want a nutty flavor added. Flaxseeds are a plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, which make them a great choice for vegetarians or people who don’t like fish. Because of the fiber content, eating flaxseeds will also help slow your digestion and keep your blood sugar stable. Go ahead and try adding these fats to your meals on a regular basis. Not all fats are bad, and these will be a great addition to your diet. omega-3 fatty acids, avocados and nuts have a huge amount of healthy oil for us Email me with any comments or questions! Have a great day! Sincerely, Dr. Justin Trosclair...

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Chiropractic Reduces Health Care Costs

Posted by on Nov 7, 2017 in financial, research | Comments Off on Chiropractic Reduces Health Care Costs

Blue Cross and Blue Shield did a pilot study to find out patient perceived quality of chiropractic care I just came across some really cool news about chiropractic care that I wanted to share with you. The health insurance company Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield did a one year pilot study in 2008 to measure patient quality of care, and the results of this study were just released. What they found out about chiropractic care is very remarkable. They found that there are significant clinical outcomes and health care cost reductions directly attributable to the use of chiropractic care. What this means is that chiropractic care did a very good job of getting results for patients, and those who used chiropractic care had lower total health care costs. cost reductions directly attributable to the use of chiropractic care was seen in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Study. People using chiropractic care were also less likely to have surgery than similar people in the pilot study who did not receive chiropractic care. While this is not the first study of its kind, this is the most recent proof that chiropractic care has a profound positive effect on your health and quality of life. And for those people who choose to receive chiropractic care on a regular basis, they will not only be healthier, but their health care costs will be lower. If you know somebody who’s been struggling with their health, pass this information on to them and let them know that chiropractic care can help them out. chiropractic care has a profound positive effect on your health and quality of life If you have any questions or comments, just email me. Otherwise, I’ll see you at your next appointment! Sincerely, Dr. Justin Trosclair...

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Why You Should Be Taking Vitamin Supplements

Posted by on Oct 26, 2017 in research, vitamins | Comments Off on Why You Should Be Taking Vitamin Supplements

Do I need to take vitamin supplements every day Patients often ask me if they really need to take vitamin supplements every day, or if they can skip them if they just eat healthy. My answer is that scientists have proven taking multivitamins will help you live longer. Their research even shows that you might live 5% longer compared to people who don’t take a daily multivitamin. That may not seem like much, but for the average US life expectancy, it’s 4 more years. Here’s some recent research done on this topic: A study led by Dr. Honglei Chen of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences evaluated multivitamin use and nutrient intake in 586 women between the ages of 35 and 74 in what was called the Sister Study. The researchers then studied the length of their DNA telomeres, a marker for aging. They found that the telomeres of daily multivitamin takers were 5.1% longer than non-takers. the antioxidants contained in multivitamins are in part responsible for this life extending benefit The researchers believe that the antioxidants contained in multivitamins are in part responsible for this life extending benefit. Antioxidants, specifically vitamins C and D, benefit telomere length by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation — factors in the onset of most life-threatening diseases. This research supports another recent study conducted by the National Cancer Institute and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing.2 In this large-scale study known as the General Population Nutrition Intervention Trial, 29,584 residents of Linxian, China were given eight combinations of nine vitamin and mineral combinations from 1985 to 1991. The goal of the study was to evaluate the risk of cancer of the esophagus and upper stomach. Residents of Linxian have some of the highest rates of these types of cancer in the world. The trial found that “factor D,” a combination of 50 micrograms of selenium, 30 milligrams of vitamin E and 15 milligrams beta-carotene was associated with a reduction in all-cause mortality, as well as total cancer and gastric cancer mortality. As in the first study mentioned above, antioxidant vitamins and minerals were the key to reduced risk of chronic disease and early death. From the beginning of the trial through May, 2001, 9,727 deaths occurred in study participants including 1,515 from esophageal cancer and 1,199 from gastric cancer. Individuals who received factor D however, had a 5% percent lower risk of dying from all causes than those who did not receive this combination. The effect of factor D was most strongly observed in participants younger than 55 years. This research is also important because it showed reduced risk of cancer for up to 10 years after the end of the trial in individuals who took the vitamin/mineral antioxidant combination (multivitamin supplements). reduced risk of cancer for up to 10 years after the end of the trial These two studies provide strong evidence that taking a daily multivitamin can help you live a longer and healthier life. If you are not currently taking a multi, it’s not too late to start. In our office you can pick up a high quality multivitamin. Just don’t buy the cheap stuff. Pay a few more dollars per bottle because the return on your investment is worth it. Have a great day and I’ll talk to...

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The Health Benefits Of This Popular Activity

Posted by on Oct 15, 2017 in athlete, benefits, research, self help, stress | Comments Off on The Health Benefits Of This Popular Activity

a good sex life helps you stay happy, healthy, and fit I know no one talks about sex a lot because most people find it a little embarrassing, but I came across an article that talked about the health benefits of sex and it’s pretty interesting. It turns out, having a good sex life helps you stay happy, healthy, and fit…and it has numerous health benefits that even I didn’t know about. For example, did you know that sex can actually cause you to get fewer colds? It’s true! Research has shown that couples who have sex weekly have a 30% increase in immunoglobulin A, which is an antibody that fights infections. Sex also has the  positive health benefits in either improving or reducing the following: * It helps women have a more predictable period cycle. * It help reduces stress levels – for physiological as well as emotional reasons. Sex activates a nerve that has a calming effect. * It reduces blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart disease. * It can reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol! * It helps you tone your abs, gluts, and pretty much any muscle in your body. * It increases estrogen levels, which improves the look of your hair, skin, and nails * You get increased feelings of motivation from the release of endorphins * Improved memory because of increased blood flow to the brain * Boosts intimacy and self esteem from the increased levels of oxytocin (the love hormone) So there you have it – a bunch of reasons why sex is beneficial to your overall health. Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon! Sincerely, Dr. Justin Trosclair...

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Summer Grilling Tips…Try These Steaks

Posted by on Aug 28, 2017 in food | Comments Off on Summer Grilling Tips…Try These Steaks

Summer’s here and that means picnics, camping, eating with family and friends on the back porch, and GRILLING.  I’m a big fan of grilling and BBQ’ing in the summer and one of my favorites is none other than steak. I was on Yahoo the other day and they had an article on the best steaks to grill.  I learned a lot, so if you like steaks on the grill, I think you’ll learn a thing or two from the article. The article interviewed Mark Pastore, a Manhattan, New York meat purveyor (an expert on meat) and owner of La Frieda Meats ( First, he suggests that you should never prepare a steak well done. never prepare a steak well done. Click To Tweet He says it’s like squeezing all the goodness out of the meat and eating a leather shoe.  Now, I’ve got friends who will only eat their steak well done, and they like it that way, but generally speaking a well done steak will not be as juicy or tender. Mark recommends grilling steak to medium rare or medium. Next, the best steaks for the grill come from the muscular region of the cow.  Here are his 5 favorite steaks to grill.   Skirt Steak: This belly cut has a high fat-to-meat ratio, which helps keep it rich and moist. Cutting it across the grain (length-wise) is essential to thwart the inevitable chewiness factor. Beware: if overcooked, even for a few minutes, it’ll give your incisors a work-out. Shoot for long, flat, thin slices. Try: Throwing the meat strips into tortillas and dress with a cilantro garlic sauce. Flank Steak: A similar cut to skirt steak, but this belly muscle is a little leaner and sometimes easier to find. Butterfly the flank by slicing it horizontally with the grain, stopping about one inch from the edge of the meat. When thrown onto the grill, it’ll puff up a little. Try: Going for the rolled approach by spreading chimichurri sauce — an Argentine mixture of parsley, garlic, onion, vinegar, and oil that’s very fresh-tasting-all-over, then rolling it up and using twine for tying. Hangar Steak:  Nicknamed the “butcher’s tenderloin,” it’s what people usually put aside to save for selfish reasons. There’s only one of these vaguely V-shaped pair of muscles per animal, and because it’s so close to the liver, the hangar is especially flavorful. Try: Seasoning the hangar when it comes off the grill with some good salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Strip Steak: When it’s still attached to the tenderloin, the strip is known as the T-bone or Porterhouse steak. A meaty hunk for the most carnivorous of eaters, this one is so very far from tofu. Cut the meat across the grain, which, in this case, is usually crosswise. Try: Food Network host Bobby Flay’s spice-crusted strip steak. (Recipe found at Ribeye Steak: Whether with bone or boneless, this is one of the richest pieces of the animal, and not surprisingly, the most expensive. Juicy, tender, and marbled (fatty), the ribeye was part of the cow’s unused muscle matter. Perfect to soak up marinade. Try: Marinating ribeye with soy sauce, ginger, paprika, and liquid smoke. (Recipe found at Try a couple of these steaks and recipes out and let me...

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Are 20 Minute Exercise Routines Any Good?

Posted by on Aug 15, 2017 in exercise, habit, research | Comments Off on Are 20 Minute Exercise Routines Any Good?

I think we both know that exercise is very beneficial to a person’s health.  So why don’t more people exercise on a regular basis?  Is it lack of money?  Or lack of motivation? Or the lack of equipment? No.  The #1 reason people don’t exercise is lack of time. Martin Gibala, a kinesiology profession and exercise research at McMaster University says, “We know that 50% of the population doesn’t exercise and the most commonly cited barrier to exercise is the lack of time.” most commonly cited barrier to exercise is Lack of TIme Click To Tweet Professor Gibala put his theory to the test in a study published in the Journal of Physiology.  What he did was compare a group of people that exercised a “traditional” 90 to 120 minutes a day to a group that only exercised 20 minutes a day, and only 3 days a week. After only two weeks, BOTH groups showed improvement in exercise performance and oxygen uptake.  What was interesting is that the improvement was almost identical in both groups.  How can that be, you might be asking? They found the group that only exercised for 20 minutes trained with greater focus and intensity.  So IT IS possible to get a lot out of short focused workouts instead of long one hour workouts. In fact, this is just one of dozens of studies that confirm the benefits of shorter but more intense workouts.  Just remember that HOW you exercise in those 20 minutes is the important thing. Intensity of exercise is the key, not duration.  Intensity of exercise is the key, not duration.  thats how 20 min workout is good Click To Tweet So keep that in mind as you try to get everything into your busy schedule.  And if you already exercise regularly, then try mixing things up and do a shorter and more intense workout.  You’ll get a lot out of it and you will save yourself a lot of...

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Eat These Super Food

Posted by on Aug 7, 2017 in food, nutrition | Comments Off on Eat These Super Food

Most people I know like to eat healthy foods, and the cool thing is you don’t have to sacrifice flavor or variety to eat healthfully. In fact, there are two types of ” super food ” that can help you fight disease and live longer…and they come in many tasty varieties. According to cardiovascular health expert Dr. Shah, as reported in Men’s Health magazine, these two super food groups are: 1. Inflammation fighting cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, collards, daikon, horseradish, kale, mustard greens, rutabagas, turnips, radishes, and watercress. 2. Blood pressure lowering berries, including blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Dr. Shah recommends that you indulge in both food groups daily – at least half a cup of crucifers and half a cup of berries. You’ll find that these fruits and veggies are ideal for mixing with other healthy foods. Twice a week, consider stocking up on: 2 pints of blueberries 6 bananas 6 red delicious apples 6 pears 2 grapefruits 1 watermelon 2 bunches of broccoli 2 red peppers 1 orange pepper 1 yellow pepper 1 green pepper 2 avocados mushrooms a bag of baby spinach summer months, you should have no trouble getting a daily dose of super food Click To Tweet If you are eating these foods on a regular basis, you will be eating really healthy.  And with so much to choose from during the summer months, you should have no trouble getting a daily dose of inflammation fighting,  blood pressure reducers, and vitamins that your body needs to stay strong and free of disease. inflammation fighters, blood pressure reducers, read for the super food Click To...

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Too Much Soda Can Cause Muscle Problems

Posted by on Jul 20, 2017 in dehydration, nutrition | Comments Off on Too Much Soda Can Cause Muscle Problems

I’m sure you’re well aware that drinking sodas aren’t the best thing for you, but check this out… On May 27, Health Day reported that drinking too much soda can increase the risk of a muscle problem called hypokalemia. What is hypokalemia?  In people with hypokalemia, a drop in blood potassium levels results in problems with vital muscle functions. Symptoms can range from mild weakness to serious paralysis. hypokalemia-potassium levels results in problems with vital muscle functions Click To Tweet Did you know that there are people out there drinking between 2 and 9 LITERS of cola PER DAY?  Isn’t that crazy? “We are consuming more soft drinks than ever before, and a number of health issues have already been identified including tooth problems, bone demineralization and the development of metabolic syndrome and diabetes,” and there’s increasing evidence that excessive cola consumption leads to hypokalemia, Dr. Moses Elisaf, of the University of Ioannina, said in the news release. increasing evidence that cola consumptions can lead to hypokalemia Click To Tweet Elisaf said the three most common ingredients in cola — glucose, fructose and caffeine — can contribute to hypokalemia. “The individual role of each of these ingredients in the pathophysiology of cola-induced hypokalemia has not been determined and may vary in different patients,” Elisaf said. “However, in most of the cases we looked at for our review, caffeine intoxication was thought to play the most important role. This has been borne out by case studies that focus on other products that contain high levels of caffeine but no glucose or fructose.” However, “caffeine-free cola products can also cause hypokalemia because the fructose they contain can cause diarrhea,” Elisaf said. So if you know anyone who drinks an abnormal amount of coke, soda or whatever you want to call it , let them know that it could be very harmful to their muscles and their overall...

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