old age spine neglect, plastic surgery, Hump Day Realignment

Throwback Hump Day Realignment discussing spine neglect that will affect us in our old age.

Plus new research has been showing that maintenance adjustments decrease cost and frequency of medical visits.

Old age is common now since the average life span is 77.6  We find that plastic surgery is experiencing a 465% increase but a worn out body looks uglier. If our spine was on our face we’d take better care of it.  We spend a lot of time and money to keep material possessions in tip top shape but when it comes to the only version we have, ourselves, some of us neglect it.  Maybe now is the season to reprioritize a bit and take care of your nervous system through periodic  chiropractic maintenance adjustments. Some need it quarterly, others every six weeks, or four weeks…I like to see how your body reacts and let it dictate the schedule

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