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Videos of Conditions

If you are looking for 90 seconds or less of fun, creativity, and education then go ahead and click Dr. Trosclair’s Video Blog. He created a video blog (v-log) circa 2009 in an effort to educate but with a bit of his witty dry humor to keep you entertained. Even though it is not updated regularly, there are plenty of episodes and even some adventures while he was in China to keep you busy for a hike. The v-log is updated on Wednesday’s and therefore it has the appropriate name Hump Day Realignment.  Hump Day Realignment videos are much more relaxed and casual (the hypertext is direct to youtube playlist).

DISCLAIMER: The first 8 videos below were recorded in a California studio and are snippets from a 30-minute interview-infomercial.  This was Dr. Trosclair, D.C.’s first time in this setting with bright, hot lights and a professional interviewer. He was quite nervous and you only get so much time to record… so please show him some mercy.  The information presented should still give you some good explanations.


Neck Pain

Low Back Pain



Herniated Disc

Auto Accidents

Sport Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Spinal Decompression (Non-Surgical)

Cold Laser

Core Muscle Stabilization