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House Call Chiropractic of Lafayette is now Scoliosis Center of LA

Having neck and back pain is tough with all of life’s responsibilities.
Take the stress out of going to the doctor because he travels to your place.
Which means you get the pain relief you been wanting, return to your active lifestyle, and skip the traffic and waiting rooms.


What You've Been Missing

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Time Management

  • No waiting rooms
  • No doctor note for work
  • No commute
  • No leaving your home
  • No Traffic
  • No shuffling the kids around
  • After Hours Appointments
  • Weekend Availability
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Tailored Treatments

  • Self-Care tailored to you and your abilities.
  • Doctor comes to you
  • Comfortable & Relaxing
  • Feel better quicker & longer
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Exercises & Stretches
  • Cold Laser & Kinesiology Taping

Convenience & Savings

  • Straightforward Pricing
  • No Long Treatment Plans
  • Save Your Time with No Commute
  • Minimal Appointments Needed
  • Membership Plans to Save Money
  • VIP Concierge Atmosphere

All Your Direct Care Chiropractic Needs, But He Comes To You

Adjustments (No twisting available)

Dr. Trosclair is well versed in traditional chiropractic adjusting techniques.
He also specializes in the non twisting, non popping type of adjustments using instruments. He can be more specific, and deliver a much faster, consistently controlled and exact force to any vertebrae on every patient all day long that needs motion restored.

Massage & Mobility Training

Offering you four years of experience with the popular vibration massage guns plus 14 years of hands on massage techniques.
Expect stretches, exercises and other help so you can get back to your active life and stay that way.
A library of videos and handouts will be available on this site.

Scoliosis Treatment for Kids & Adults

Scoliosis treatment for adolescents and adults can be for pain relief and cosmetic/ postural improvements. Of course for kids the main goal is to halt the curve from worsening but also improve it.
We see results without bracing based on a special technique learned in Germany.  We do Not just adjust the spine.


Cold Laser & Kinesiology Taping

Cold laser (special red light) can speed the healing process, reduce pain and increase flexibility. It’s pain free and can be brought to your location.
Kinesiology Taping can help support the muscles and joints during activities therefore reducing pain while you do what you need to.

Don't Give Up Hope - You Found The Right Place

At Dr. Trosclair’s Mobile Chiropractic of Lafayette and Acadiana we know you are the kind of people who want to be pain free and enjoying the activities that make you happy. In order to be that way, you need your pain to stop interfering with life.
The problem is these symptoms don’t go away on their own completely which is why they keep showing up, which makes you feel frustrated, irritable and hopeless.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance at pain relief and we can help you reach your health goals.
That’s why Dr. Justin gets great results: he listens, customizes treatment to you and offers straightforward pricing.

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The Process

Step 1 - Schedule an Appointment

Click on the Box Below to schedule an appointment. Pick Your Favorite Day and Time

Step 2 - The Doctor Comes to Your House or Office

Pick your appointment, (a credit card may be required to reserve a slot in case of a cancel with less than a6 hour notice).

Step 3 - Be Pain Free & Doing Activities

Be home and ready and have a small space available for the portable table. Please put animals somewhere safe.


What Our Patients Say

Common Conditions -

We Are Excellent At Treating

Headaches & Migraines

Suffering from headaches because of computer work, playing on our phones, studying and stress are quite common. Luckily, Dr. Justin can treat them with adjustments and special exercises you can do at home.

Stenosis of the Spine

When you have stenosis of the neck or low back you know that standing and walking short distances can hurt. While I can't take away your pain forever, many find they get their life back with regular treatments.

Degenerative Disc Disease

You may have been told you have DJD, arthritis or degenerative joint disease. It's a normal part of aging and responds beautifully to chiropractic care. After a round of care, you should be back to the life you want most.

Knee Pain

Having pain in your knee is troublesome for all areas of life. If you have been told injections, knee replacements or you just getting old... I have good news for you. When you combine cold laser, adjustments (knee, low back, pelvis) and exercises, you could walk nearly pain free again.

Scoliosis Treatment

Discover the unque treatment I learned in Germany to not only get relief from scoliosis pain but in many instances see functional straightening. There is hope for scoliosis without bulky braces and hours of exercise each week. Just call to learn more.

Fees & Services

New Patient Visit

Exam & Treatment normally 155
$97 / first visit

Follow Up Visits

Customized Treatment
$83 / follow-up visit

Elite Membership

Save Money Per Visit
$11 / monthly

VIP Membership

Save Money Per Visit
$52 / monthly

Good Faith Estimate information can be found here

You Deserve the VIP Treatment

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Meet Dr. Justin Trosclair

Born & raised in Breaux Bridge, he attended LSU and obtained the chiropractic degree in Texas in 2007.  He spent 6 years in Denver, CO at his private practice. Once he sold it, he spent 5 years in a hospital TCM Department in Yunnan, China. He then ventured to a private clinic in Germany furthering his skills in a unique scoliosis chiropractic technique.

Dr. Trosclair has many years of experience evaluating and treating nearly 7000 patients for various neck and back pain aliments with chiropractic adjustments, muscle work and exercises.

All those years have come full circle to be able to offer you the best treatment available from the comfort of your home or convenience of your office.

Dr. Justin's Authored Books and Past Interviews

  • 5 Monthly Lectures -Shanghai Qiangzhi Hospital
  • Hands-on Workshop – SuiYang, China
  • Lecture at 4th Annual WRDCA – TianJin, China
  • Podcast  host 250+ Episodes
  • 5 years in China (hospital based)
  • 2 years in Germany (scoliosis specialty)

Today’s Choices Tomorrow’s Health : a 4 way health reboot and blueprint on how to make lasting changes
Needle-less Acupuncture : 40 DIY conditions that can be managed from home    

Chinese Dinner Culture : dinner is a huge part of their culture and I guide you through to gain face

Kid’s Animal Coloring Books : over 200 pages of animals and insects that kids can color that have the name in 5 languages

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Mobile Chiropractic - The doctor comes to you which means you get VIP service while saving time by avoiding traffic and waiting rooms