Do you want to be sick?

health  is not just how you feel, but rather how your mind and body are  functioning.

Maintaining your Health requires action

I hope one of your top priorities in life is having great health.
Because without great health, NOTHING you do will be as enjoyable,
productive, or effective.

So the question I have for you today is, “What is health?”

Most people answer that question by saying, “Health is feeling
good.” With this definition, if a person “feels good,” then they
must be healthy, right?

The truth is, health is much more than just feeling good.

The World Health Organization defines health as: “a state of optimal
physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of
disease or infirmity.

Webster’s dictionary ( defines health as “the condition
of being sound in body, mind, or spirit.”

Upon reading those definitions it becomes pretty clear that health
is not just how you feel, but rather how your mind and body are

Health = Function.

The next question I have is, “Where does health come from?”

Health comes from within you. Your body was designed to be able to
heal itself naturally. Health is your natural state. [Tweet “Your body was designed to be able to heal itself naturally”]

Having constant pain, tight muscles, sickness, or disease is not how
we should be living. [Tweet “Having constant pain, #tightmuscles, sickness, or #disease is not how”]

So why isn’t everybody healthy then?

Great question. The answer is because in our daily lives we have
ongoing physical, chemical, and emotional stresses that slowly break
our bodies down.

The aging process is also a destructive process that breaks our
bodies down. We cannot escape the effects of aging.

And just like a car that needs tune-ups and maintenance; our bodies
need regular tune-ups and maintenance to keep the stress and aging
from wearing us out. If you expect to enjoy great health as you get
older, you have to take care of your body on a regular basis.

Otherwise aging and stress will continue to break your body down and
wear it out, causing a ton of future health problems.

The last question I have is “Do you want to be sick or do you want
to be healthy?” It almost seems silly that I’m asking you this
question, but I have a legitimate reason.

The truth is, no one ever tells me that they want to be sick or that
they choose sickness over health…at least not with their words.
However, when people do things they know are unhealthy, they are
choosing to be sick…not with their words, but with their actions.

When people know they should exercise but don’t, they are saying with
their lack of action that they choose to move in the direction of

People who know they should eat more nutritious foods because they
have an unhealthy diet but don’t change are moving in the direction
of sickness.

People who choose to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day are choosing
sickness over health.

Ask yourself, “Am I moving in the direction of sickness?” Not with
your words, but with your actions or lack of actions?

What about being healthy?

We choose to be healthy when we take actions that keep us healthy.

When you do things like eat healthy foods, exercise, take time for
prayer or mediation, get chiropractic adjustments, get massages, get
enoughrest, and other healthy activities, you are moving in the
direction of health…

…not just with words but by ACTIONS!

If you don’t take a pro-active approach to your health and take
advantage of products and services that create better health, then
your neglect has a consequence…you move in the direction of sickness.

So I’ll leave you with this question to think about in closing here:

“What are some actions you can take on a more regular basis that will
ensure that you will be healthy, and what are some things you can
eliminate that are presently moving towards being sick?”

Have a great day!


Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC

Chiropractor serving Breaux Bridge, Parks, Cecilia, St Martinville