Roommate and new city not near a lake

When we are eating the first dinner, who walks up but the CEO of hospital with a 52 year old white American. I couldn’t believe it. Some one i can speak to completely. He said his name is Kurt from Minnesota. He works four days a week here and I work five. Yup we have a day overlap, which means we only have to work half as hard. Tag team those patients.

I was able to ask him so many questions and get the lay of land…how things work in the hospital. A week has passed and now I have to only work thursday friday saturday sunday monday. But Mon and thur I leave early and start late. Still an eight hour shift but now if I go to kunming, i can have a full two days off and travel back that Thursday morning.

He told me about the previous doc who drank too much, hot temper and visited the red light area. The co workers didn’t care for him to much, even though with all the drama it did keep the gossip train running smoothly.

Spent the night in a hotel the first night, then Kurt and I decided we could be roommates. When he isn’t working here, he takes a bus to kunming. So a half time roomie. Not to bad since it’s a four bed room apartment about three minutes behind the hospital.

It’s literally on the same street, just behind the hospital.  The apt has two baths, one is the squat type toilet with a pipe pouring water for a shower and the other is American toilet and bath tub connected on the master room.

Kurt has just started his third year so graciously gave me the master suite.  Like it or not , if you are going to live in china you must learn to squat. Really not that difficult just make sure your pants are all out of the way. Lol

by the way, the craziness part of this whole trip is that I thought I was near fuxian lake in yuxi but in actuality I am two hours south of yuxi in a smaller town called Yuanjiang. No lake,but has a river. Catherine, Ling , is from yuxi so that will be fun trip.
Little kids stare,so do adults actually. They have not seen an American before. They actually say laowhy…foreigner.  Chinese babies are cute. I was stopped the other day, probably by two teenagers to take pictures. Who am i, Justin Timberlake?

last funny thing. my name is some what similar to their word for d*ck. When I first arrived at work Monday, I could hear guys and girls saying justin and then that word, and then laughing and giggling. I finally asked catherine my translator what they were laughing at and so she told me.


Girl on my left is Catherine or Ling, the great translator

3 thoughts on “Roommate and new city not near a lake

  1. Ah, you have heard the “Laowai” term. I am so fascinated by your blog posts, comparing it to what I have read about China in my personal time and my studies in grad school and your experience. Jeremy just laughed at the “dick” similarity.
    How is the computer with the outlets?
    Absolutely love thinking about you half a world away!
    Also, squatting is supposed to be more natural and healthier for your colon. Squatty Potty, baby!

  2. I am so happy to see you doing well man been a very long time since we last spoke Jr. High to be exact lol just keep doing your best and enjoy every moment of it.

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