Quick and Sudden Itinerary

Finally got my LA license and TX Chiro Diploma fully authenticated by the Chinese Embassy.  Prior to that I had two failed attempts at confirming airline tickets to China.  We would have the basic trip planned  but then the paperwork wasn’t completed.  Don’t book a flight without the paperwork… takes like 10-15 days to mail stuff.

As of Wednesday the paperwork did get completed.  At 3am Thursday morning I got an email from my contact and he alluded to an itinerary that I hadn’t gotten yet.  I asked him for it, and I leave friday at a quarter to noon.   Needless to say I was happy that my bags were already packed and waiting to go.  Of course there were a few last minute things to pack and reshuffle stuff from weight restrictions.

In case you never had this issue… when all you can pack is 50 pds per bag.. you don’t really need a gigantic bag.  OPPS.  I’ve got about 144pds distributed between two check bags and a carry on.  I pity the fool who is behind me during the carry on line.  I’ve got my adjusting instruments, cosmetics etc.. pretty much the bag is going to be unpacked and then repacked.  Fine by me, but i’ll be polite and hurry to a less used area.

Getting on the road to houston at 5 am, then to los angelos.  Taking Malaysia air to Malaysia then to Kunming.    Solid 12 hour flight, but i think its more like 14..time zone confusion.   Anyway, no real drama or anything.   I asked the travel agent how Malaysia Air is.  She goes I don’t know, never used them but they haven’t made the news for any reason.  LOL  Confidence there.

Last meals:  meat lovers pizza and cheesy bread,  then IZZO’s illegal buritto (carnita of course), and then a crab plate… crab au gratin, softshell crab, crab etouffee, stuffed crab, stuffed potato, and bread pudding.

Next stop, fast food at airports then real Chinese food.  Sunday afternoon i arrive to Yuxi City.  I hear that it might be customary for a ‘big dinner’ to occur the night of arrival.  My first priority, however, is where will Justin be sleeping that night. Hotel, the apartment…..?   Once I figure that out… bring on the meal.

That’s it for now.

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  1. When do you leave LAX?! J and I fly in there on Saturday and have an overnight! Ahhh, could not be more excited for you. 🙂

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