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Upon leaving and settling up for all money owed and miscellaneous expense reimbursements from the hospital last year, the boss said, once everything has settled down I’ll contact you and maybe you can come work again…loose quote.  Of course I was polite and said to contact me but of course I had no real plan to come back.

Once I returned to the states, I set up my own clinic in Breaux Bridge LA: Bayou Teche Chiropractic.  I had a sweet set up renting space from another office in town, a naturopathic doctor.  Monday and Friday I took off half days so I could have long weekends any time I desired.

Maybe it was in October that I was contacted by a chiropractor in Lafayette to come and visit and see if I would be a good fit in his clinic.  If you know anyone who has started a practice or any type of business from scratch…the first year or two can be quite up and down with finances.

One thing led to another and I have been working 2.5 days in Breaux Bridge and 2.5 days in Lafayette since January.  His practice vibe and mine are nearly similar.  Joking around, laid back, but serious about getting you out of pain and back to your active lifestyle.

Being that he has been around 15 years, he has some healthcare toys that I don’t own plus some innovative ideas with super strong stretch bands and stretchy wraps.  We have similar ideas on what is needed to get people better: laser, myofascial release, rehab and a mix of manual or instrument adjustments.   Life is going on as usual, daily grind of clinic work and doing fun things during the week and a bible man’s group on Sundays.


(( I’ll write a post on my sweet lady JJ and our meeting, dating highlights perhaps, and most recently the Engagement on 8/8/2015. ))

At this point in time I had heard that another hospital in Kunming was looking for a chiropractor and I got two emails from two different people asking me about that place since I had worked at one of them.  I heard that the rambunctious American was in my old hospital and was already causing drama.

I never did hear back from the hospital, but with this guy working there I figured that is why.  The boss must have fired him or something because one day I got a message from one of the past translators.   She was asking me if I wanted to come back  and to look at this chiropractic equipment.  She had a conversation with JJ and they both seemed to get along.  Then there was silence for a while and we found out she was in a really bad car accident.  The in-laws died and she and her husband were in the hospital and she was in a coma for nearly a month and broken bones…and her husband may be even worse.  Tragic.  I hope to see them very soon once arriving.

The boss Li has a daughter that knows English so we had some dialogue and they threw out a number that we didn’t like but soon later he offered a % of profit.   That led to a long conversation about job expectations, salary etc.  With an increase in responsibility and salary, also came an increase in contract length.  We have everything hammered out except exact length of time, but my guess will be two years and heck if it is profitable why leave to soon.

Part of the new responsibility will be to design a rehab program, and long term is to help teach chiropractic in a school.  My thoughts would be a weekend long class on adjusting and theory.

Got a perk or three extra:  if they want me to come then they need to hire my fiancée as my translator. (She lives in America but is Chinese and is fluent.)  We want the hospital to provide us transportation.  Not sure if that means we get a driver, or if we can borrow a car to drive around town, or if that means we can take it for stay-cations around the province.

If we do get it for long travels, then we can take a plane ride to  Lijiang, Shangra-la and other places that are over 7 hours away.  Even though I’m not sure what the plane tickets would cost, I am hoping it will be like Spirit airlines or something…cheap cheap.

Lastly, I have to leave every sixty days to keep visa current and now JJ will get to come with me, courtesy of the hospital.  Not sure where to go first, but probably some place that is easy for a china resident to go, maybe Thailand or Vietnam.  Then for Christmas time break, I believe we will take the train south to Hong Kong Disney vs the city.

This weekend will be the  Justin’s Bday- Going Away – Our Engagement Party bash extravaganza.  Mostly just lots of people and BBQ chicken.   We leave out of Houston and Parents will bring us, have a nice lunch, then a few TX chiro friends will all meet up for dinner and someone will drop us off at the airport around 9 pm.  Non stop to Beijing baby then to Kunming.

2 thoughts on “New Contract

  1. Congratulations on your exciting journey! Congratulations also on your engagement.

    There is no doubt that God opens doors when we least expect it (and can close them just as fast for something better!). Led to NZ, after 2 yrs my (and my family) time here is soon up.
    China is the place to be, it is growing and with such a population will need your services.
    I know first hand how a sensitive, and adapt Chiro makes a difference in ones life – (I experienced an awful back injury from car accident too.)

    Wishing you a lovely, exciting, multicultural experience in China! Blessings, Always, Linda Sonnett Carlson NZ and Boulder, Colorado

  2. You and JJ are awesome. Thanks for a great time & making new memories in Breaux Bridge. Timing of our visit could not have been better. Wish you the best in your new adventurous trip to China with JJ, what a great marriage partner.

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