How to increase your 3 types of energy

your levels of physical, emotional and mental energy, have you monitored them lately?

Each of the three energy levels are interrelated.

Most successful people can be characterized as having very high levels of
energy. Since energy is the fuel with which everything is achieved, there
seems to be a direct relationship between energy levels and levels of

It is hard to imagine a tired, burned-out person achieving much in life. On the
other hand, energetic, positive, forward-moving individuals seem to get and
enjoy far more of the things life has to offer than does the average person.

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Physical Energy Is Only The Start Of It

We have been led to believe that there is basically one kind of energy. We
supposedly replenish this energy by sleeping at night, and during the day, we
use it up again. It is as though we are machines powered by batteries, and
each night we recharge our batteries for seven or eight hours. However,
there are some problems with this view of energy.

The biggest problem is that it does not deal with the fact that there are
actually three different kinds of energy, each of which is necessary for
maximum performance. The three main forms are physical energy, emotional
energy, and mental energy. Each of these energies is different, but they are
interrelated, and they depend on each other.

The Physical

Physical energy is raw energy, coarse energy, bulk energy, what we call
“meat-and-potatoes” energy. Your physical energy is what you use to do
physical labor. It is the primary energy applied by men and women who
earn their livings by physically applying themselves.

The Emotional

The second form of energy is emotional energy. This is the energy of
enthusiasm and excitement. This is the energy that lends sparkle to the life
of an individual. This is the energy that is necessary for feeling love,
happiness, and joy. Largely, it is your emotional energy that makes life
enjoyable for you.

In fact, almost everything you say and do is determined in some way by
an emotion, either positive or negative.

The Mental

Mental energy is the energy of creativity, of problem solving and decision
making. You use mental energy to make sales, write reports and proposals,
plan your day and your week, and learn new subjects. Your level of mental
energy is a major determinant of the quality of your life.

Conserve Your Best Energies

The reason why most people fail to realize their potential in life and work is
because they burn up their energy at the emotional level, or the physical
level; therefore, they have very little energy left over for mental activities.

Most people burn up their emotional energy through the expression of
negative emotions. Negative emotions are like a fire that burns up their
energy so quickly that they have very little left with which to think positively
and constructively.

In fact, one five-minute uncontrolled outburst of anger can burn up as much
energy as an average person would use in eight hours of work. [Tweet “one5minute uncontrolled outburst of anger can burn up 8 hours of work”]

Your job is to think continually about how you can stay calm and positive,
and work smoothly and efficient, so you can have more mental energy to do
the things that are most important to you in life.

Action Exercises

Here are three things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action:

First, take time to identify the different ways that you either use up or deplete
your levels of physical, emotional and mental energy. How could you improve
in each area?

Second, be sure to get plenty of healthful, nutritious food so you can keep
your physical energy at high levels. This is the key to all other energies.

Third, look for ways to conserve your emotional energies by being more
relaxed and optimistic in the face of daily problems and disappointments.
The more energy you have, the happier and more productive you will be.


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