Hanging lake and moving

Moving. We have all been there.  Mine feels a little more complicated, since I have to have to make the choice of bringing something or leave it in storage. not to mention I can only bring 50 pounds of stuff in the luggage, and a carry on (which I will have most of my electronics and my adjusting instruments). Found out that international flights do allow two fifty pound bags. However, it was cheaper to book a flight from New Orleans to Shanghai then use regional china plane to kunming. Which could mean big fee for that second bag. Maybe I could fanagal it free, but really I don’t have enough room for two. My one is big, just a little concerned about the weight. Okay next.
Overall hasn’t been very stressful. In fact, I’m still able to finish up my bucket list of denver. I’m nearly done packing, I just have kitchen things left. And I have all my clothes in these nice plastic vacuum sealed bags.
Just wrapping up all the odds and ends like turning off utilities and trying to get my membership postpone for a year so I’m not spending money that I don’t need to.
I even purchased emergency evacuation insurance just in case worst case occurs. I guess the good news is if I really really can’t handle china I can give them a 90 day notice and come home.
The drive back to louisiana blah that’s never fun. But at least I got a nice climate controlled second level storage unit that is a lot cheaper than just a standard rate here in colorado. Overall looking forward to the experience and spending a week with my family… even going to be kayaking bayou fausse on Saturday.

I’ve been able to do a brewery and a tea company (pictures on Flickr)  and I went to hanging lake.  All I’ve ever heard is how amazing the view is.  It’s almost a three hour drive, ok with me since I’ve never been past Breckenridge.
As you can tell from the picture I posted, gorgeous.


The ride and trail were filled with laughter and good company & conversation. Stopped here and there for water and splashed some of the cold st ream water on our faces. Warm day! Then decided to get home made ice cream (Lemon BlackBerry sorbert) in Vail. Yeah that’s right. Fancy Vail with the walking streets..even the 3 year olds were wearing dress shirts. Our hiking gear may not have fit it.  Lego had a Volvo suv made with, you guessed it,legos.

Stay tuned for the next blog post… it will be the story of how and why I’m going to china.

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