Habit #4: A Good Attitude

Attitude is a choice and some choose negative

I choose positive attitude and i hope you will improve your life and join me.

Habit #4: A Good Attitude ===================

You’ve got to have a good attitude if you expect to have great health.  I have never seen someone with a lousy attitude have great health.

How you think and how you act has tremendous power.

Here’s what you don’t want:

* To be negative about everything

* To be a constant complainer

* To constantly criticize others

* To blame others

* To be a victim

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* Here’s what you do want :

* Be complimentary to people

* Take 100% responsibility for your hle

* Take 100% responsibility for your health and your life

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* Have a positive outlook on life

* Do not blame others

* Put a smile on your face.  Be happy!

Your Goal: Identify areas of your attitude that could be improved and work on them.  Life is just to short to be a negative.


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