First night and restaurant basics

We finally arrive and go straight to dinner. Pretty much since I’ve been here a week now,I can say the standard place to eat always looks a bit dirty. I mean we walk in and it’s just not clean floors or walls and things seem to just be out in the air. I found out later that they do have fridges that they normally keep stuff in.  Some places you walk to the clear glass fridge and pick what you want. Those places tend to be more money.
Other places that I like have buckets of ingredients. So one bucket has lotus, another mushroom, etc. You pick how much your want, then they boil it in spices and serve it up to you..generally good prices.

Third type of place has, you just saying chicken or beef or pork and they have a pre mix. Of course everything is served with white rice or rice noodles.

Back to first night eating.
We were trying to get a private room but they were busy so we just had a normal short table with short seats.  They order some peanuts and green veggie and a beef dish, most expensive meat, and put these big bowls of food in the center of the table. A sign of a good clean place is that your soup bowl and two drinking glasses are vacuum sealed and the chop sticks are individual wrapped.
Anyway, everyone starts picking food out of the bowl and directly into their mouth. I follow suit. Now I know why you take hepatitis literally eat after everyone. But I do like the food being on a spinning round glass piece, on top of the round table.  Makes it feel very conversational.



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