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Pain relief for your neck, low back, headaches and sciatica

Conditions Treated:

Time and again while at the office, visiting friends, or attending a business networking event, I find that people are consistently amazed at the wide range of conditions we treat. While most people could guess that we provide relief for headaches and a variety of low back pain conditions, they are genuinely surprised when I mention the satisfactory results from carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis conditions.  As I always say, joints are meant to move freely and without restrictions and when they stop, that is when you can start developing pain at that area, regardless if it’s a knee, wrist, or your cervical spine.  Compounding the issue are those supporting tissues called muscles, tendons and ligaments.  They can be tight, weak, sprained, strained, swollen, bruised and then you have to take into account that when one muscle is injured (the list I just mentioned) the other surrounding tissues are also forced to compensate.  That compensation may lead to strength imbalances, poor posture, pain and swelling, other joints above and below become affected and this all leads to needing to treat the body as a unit versus a single issue.Justin Trosclair DC

For example: Let’s say you injured your knee and it’s causing you to limp around.  The first week you decided to use crutches followed by another week of a knee brace and awkward walking.  Five weeks go by and it still bothers you when you try to play with your kids.  So you finally go to the medical doctor.  The exam is completed, you injured the ACL but surgery is not an option, and you come to the chiropractor.  I do the exam and take note that besides the obvious rehab that will need to be done on the knee, a few other findings showed up.  I find that you have a tender ropey muscle in your quads (it was over worked to protect your knee from moving into painful motion), your sacro-iliac joint is not moving well and causes pain with mild pressure (all that limping around changed the way your joint was designed to move), the opposite side glut is super tight (compensation for having the SI joint moving goofy and the limp), and part of your calf is weak based on a resistance test (pain from the knee didn’t allow you to push off your foot while walking appropriately).

What does all this have to do with conditions treated?  The previous example is an illustration of why we would adjust the SI joint and the knee, teach you exercises and stretches, as well as providing e-stim or myofascial release to relax those muscles and I might even perform cold laser to help speed the healing of that damaged ACL.

And now, here is a non-exhaustive laundry list of conditions:


Neck – Cervical Spine

Neck PainMy Neck is Catching
Between the Shoulders PainThoracic Outlet Syndrome
Tingling or Numbness in the Arm, Hand or FingersFacet Syndrome
Straight Neck (loss of cervical curve)Military Neck

Thoracic Spine

Rib painHurts to Twist
Between the Shoulders PainDeep Breathes are Difficult
Pain with Leaning overHump Back

Low Back – Lumbar Spine

General Low Back PainHurts to Sit, Stand, or Lean Over
Piriformis SyndromeFacet Syndrome
Disc Problems (bulge, herniation)Sciatica
Numbness into the Legs and FeetPain in the buttocks area
Tailbone PainSprain/ Strain
Sway BackStraight Back


Rotator CuffTendonitis
Lack of Full Range of MotionAC joint pain
Pain between the ShouldersClavicle pain with “certain movements”
Hurts to throw a ball


Golfer’s ElbowTendonitis
Tennis ElbowCan’t straighten it out


Carpal TunnelFingers Numb or Tingle
Trigger FingerMild Arthritis
General “my finger hurts ‘right here’ “


Trochanteric BursitisPain with stretching and different motions
Loss of FlexibilityIliotibial Band ( IT band)


Minor injuries to ACL, MCL, LCLMinor Meniscus issues
Swelling in the kneePatella (knee cap) issues
Pulled Hamstrings and QuadsCalf Pain
Shin Splints

Ankle or Foot

Sprain / Strain AnklesPlantar Fasciitis
Heel SpursBig toe pain or not moving well
Runner related problemsArch Pain
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