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The 5 Ways You Get Subluxations

Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in auto accidents, Blog, misalignments subluxation, trauma | Comments Off on The 5 Ways You Get Subluxations

Stress from 5 areas can cause subluxations of the spine. We can’t floss our spine but we can get adjustments   A couple days ago, you learned that a subluxation / misalignment is when your spine is jammed or misaligned and causes an interference with the normal function of your nervous system. You also learned that subluxations / fixations cause your body to malfunction and not work normally. A common question I get from new patients regarding subluxations is, “How does my spine get that way? The obvious answer is from trauma, like auto accidents, falls, or any sudden physial injuries. There are also four “not so obvious” reasons why people lose the health in their spine and develop subluxations. The first reason is everyday wear and tear.  You see, most subluxations don’t just suddenly show up. No, most misalignments / fixations develop over...

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