Brief Yuxi Yunnan Overview courtesy of wikipedia

For my first post, I decided to make it a background of the Yunnan Province. Rather than a what I am doing to prepare for the trip. I took this from Wikipedia

 17,000 species of plants, 2,500 are endemic
Less than 4% of the land of China
Over 800 varieties can be found in Yunnan.

Second highest number of ethnic groups 25 of the 56 live in Yunnan

Yunnan is highest producer of Arabica coffee in China.

Yunnan is the birthplace of tea.. Pu’er

 50% of China’s total flower production for personal consumption

Mining of copper, lead, zinc, tin and aluminum

Has the nationwide YUXI tobacco.

The Fuxian lake is the 3rd deepest fresh water lake in China  Yuxi Kunming Fuxian Lake area map

fuxian lake mapRMB china money

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  1. Love the site…and October sounds like a busy month in Yunnan, so depending on when your year ends anyway we will visit before then, haha! Also, now that you mention it I do recognize the name “Yunnan” from teas.

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