Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents


Auto accident victims require special management and this page is intended for the attorney or patient involved in an accident.crash2
Dr. Trosclair has treated many auto accident victims, and his treatment protocols have resulted in most patients achieving complete recovery.
With years of experience, Dr. Trosclair understands the relationship between property damage and related physical injury. Appropriate documentation of all injuries, referring out to specialists when needed and in a timely manner, and good communication with the patient and attorney are all important aspects of treating and managing personal injuries.
New patients can be seen on the same day as they call. Dr. Trosclair personally calls all new patients after their first visit to check on them. He works on a lien basis as do the other physicians and professionals he may have to refer to.

If you have been in auto accident or you are an attorney looking for someone who is professional and will actually care for your clients, then call Dr. Trosclair.

What to Know about Whiplash

crashWhether you have a slip and fall from a wet floor, slip on ice, or are in a car accident, whiplash can occur and this creates pain.
Whiplash is a generic term meaning neck pain resulting from acceleration-deceleration injuries where the vertebrae, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck are strained.
Frequently this happens when a vehicle is struck from the rear or the side, causing a sharp and sudden movement of the head and neck forward and backward.
A slip and fall on to your back can cause a similar injury, as can any quick, unexpected movement that pushes the head beyond its normal range of motion. Other causes of whiplash injury include falling objects, sports (football, soccer, cheerleading), amusement park rides, and even physical abuse.

A whiplash diagnosis is graded according to the severity of symptoms. Grades I & II are tender spasm muscles or neck movement that is limited. Headaches, nausea, dizziness, pain into the arms or shoulders, ringing in the ears, fracture or dislocations are considered Grades III & IV.

Some people experience symptoms immediately after the accident while others it may take several days or even several months before the full extent of the injury is present.  Grades I and II whiplash symptoms generally start within the first two days after the accident. Even if your symptoms don’t show up until a few months later, that does not necessarily mean your injury is more severe. Serious neck injuries, like fractures, are usually evident in early x-rays, and we are trained to be alert for such injuries.
Most whiplash injuries are not serious and with proper treatment can heal completely within three to six months. Problems that last beyond one year only occur in 20% of patients with whiplash injuries.

Treatment for whiplash does consist of chiropractic care but also a focus on the patients’ return to activity. Injured muscles can get stiff and weak when they’re not used, so we do not recommend staying in bed for more than just a few days as this can accelerate the weakness of the muscles. Returning to normal activity and performing specific exercises helps maintain the health of the soft tissues, keeps them flexible and speeds recovery.

Proper use of a head rest is an important way to prevent or minimize whiplash injuries. Do not lower them completely wear as the head rest is in your neck. This can make an injury worse because it creates more hyper extension upon impact. Instead, it should be adjusted to the top of your head and should only be an inch away from your head. If you think you have had a whiplash injury, or have had a car accident or slip and fall, then come in early and get it treated so that it does not become a chronic pain stimulating issue. Grades I to III of whiplash respond really well to chiropractic care and is generally fully covered by automobile insurance if it is a result of an accident. Whiplash symptoms can be concerning but with proper exams, treatment, and a little time, you can get back to a pain free lifestyle.