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Tri-Lingual Kids Animal Coloring Books

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If you are a parent like me and you are tired of the normal animals in books: tiger, pig, lion, elephant, sheep… Then this coloring book will be for you.

Sure it has to have some of the normal animals but what about: walrus, marmot, beaver, pelican, koala, llama and more?

To make the Coloring Book even more educational, the name of the animal will be in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Now you can have a fun educational coloring book that will keep them occupied and learning.

5 Books +  1 will Combine all 5

  1. Flying Animals
  2. Insects
  3. Mammals
  4. Exotic Animals
  5. Water Animals

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Water Animals

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8.5x11 mammals for fb

Mammals from Around the World

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Kids love animals and coloring books. This is a coloring book series that teaches kids animal names in three languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, German and French). It’s perfect for adults who want to challenge their child and learn to recognize animals they don’t see in every other kid’s book. This coloring book series has mammals, insects, birds and fish from all over the world.

The books have been designed with simple black and white images (Flying Animals, Insects, Mammals, Exotic Animals and Water Animals) and have a simple way not to have markers bleed onto the next page.

  • Kids will learn the names of animals in three languages.
  • They’ll have fun while learning, and they’ll be exposed to new words.
  • The illustrations are black and white
  • Mammals, insects, birds and fish from all over the world.

The books are designed to be fun and educational, so they’re great for any age group. They’re also an excellent tool for teaching kids how to read in multiple languages – just by pointing out which animal is being named on each page!

We created an educational coloring book series that will help kids learn new languages while having fun with their favorite hobby. This way, both children and parents can enjoy these creative activities together!

  • Let your children learn about animals in a fun and interactive way.
  • Encourage your child’s creativity by coloring the pages of this book together.
  • Learn 5 new languages (Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, German, French and English)
  • Provides exposure to different animals not usually seen in children’s books

 Imagine teaching your child 5 languages at once with one book! Children learn English, Spanish, German, French and Mandarin Chinese with Trilingual Kids Coloring Book series. They also see animals not typically featured in children’s books as well as know their 3 names and point them when asked correctly. Purchase now!

Serie rilingüe de ibros para colorear para niños: todos los libros, 三语儿童彩绘丛书: 所有的书

Get a 20 Picture Sample From the Book (Print At Your House)... Just Put Your Email Below

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