Now Offering TeleHealth (Virtual Office Visits) during Covid-19 To Louisianians

Learn Pain Relief Methods That You Can Do At Home

Having neck and back pain is tough with kids and working at home. When you aren't supposed to travel to your chiropractor or physical therapist during the coronavirus, what are your pain relief options?

Back and neck pain is a common problem for people who work at home or have kids tele-learning. That’s why we offer a new way to get care with our telehealth appointments. You can video chat with Dr. Trosclair to get personalized self-care exercises and straightforward pricing. No lines, no commuting, no masks or sanitizer—just the convenience of getting treatment in the comfort of your own home office! Get relief today by scheduling an appointment for telehealth!

Justin Trosclair, DC is now offering Virtual Office Visits to guide you through the Pain Relief Options you can do at home

Time Management

  • No waiting in lines
  • No doctor note for work
  • No commute.
  • Book directly from your phone

Safety for you and Others

  • Social Distancing (no travel)
  • Skip the Masks and Sanitizer
  • Self Care tailored to you and your abilities.
  • No Need to Worry About Other Sick People

Affordable & Convenient

  • Straightforward Pricing
  • No Software to Download
  • Great Bargain for the Time
  • Minimal Appointments Needed
  • Click a Link to Start the Video Chat

Meet Justin Trosclair, DC

As a chiropractic graduate of 2007, he spent 6 years in Denver, CO at his private practice. Once he sold it, he spent 5 years in a hospital TCM Department in Yunnan, China. He has also spent time in Germany furthering his skills in a unique chiropractic technique clinic.

Dr. Trosclair has many years of experience evaluating patients and teaching patients exercises and stretches geared for self care from home.

All those years have come full circle to be able to teach you an appropriate routine to get you pain relief while under our home quarantine.

Book An Appointment Now 

Our prices are straightforward, so you know what you’re getting before we start treatment! Plus, there’s no need for masks or sanitizer because it’s just video chatting! Dr. Justin works with patients in the comfort of their own homes, working around time and budget constraints. Just pick up your laptop or phone for a guided session through video chat!

I’ve tried the local TCM department in town for my back pain from lifting my grandkids but it just hasn’t worked. I came visit the foreigner and he got me pain free. As a bonus he and his wife are just so lovely and we enjoyed talking with them.
two grandmothers from pu'er without back pain
Zhang and Hu
Drove 5 hours For Relief From Back Pain
I came to Dr. Trosclair for severe dizziness and vertigo symptoms and headaches. I do the neck exercises and haven't had the issue for 3 years.
rib pain and some asthma improvements
Mrs Mai
No vertigo for 3 years, I do my exercises
 I sprained my AC (shoulder-collar bone) joint. I was set to play a tournament that weekend but the shoulder pain was intense. He put the Kinesio Tape on it. It was simply amazing and I was able to play competitive volleyball that weekend.
pro volleyball player needed help with his Shoulder pain
Ben A
The Kinesio Tape Is Keeping Me Playing Volleyball

Reasons to Use Dr. Trosclair for your Tele-health Pain Relief Needs

You've been having neck and back pain for a while now, but you don't want to go to the doctor. It's hard enough taking care of your kids and working from home without having to get in the car and drive somewhere just for treatment. Imagine getting personalized self-care at home with no lines, no commuting, no masks, no sanitizer or social distancing. Video chat with Dr. Justin right from your computer screen or phone!

3 Simple Steps to Book an Appointment


  • Click on the Green Box Below to schedule an appointment.
  • Pick Your Favorite Day and Time

STEP 2:  Pay With PayPal:

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*If you don’t use PayPal, send me an email and we can use a few other options

  • STEP 3
  • The One Click Appointment Link will be emailed to you
  • Click that Link 5 minutes before your video appointment (no need to download any programs)
  • We go through your questions and concerns

Have a question or confused on what I can do for you at home…
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