House Call Chiropractic of Acadiana

The Doctor Comes To You

Chiropractic care that comes to your house, office or gym.

Having neck and back pain is tough with all of life's responsibilities. Take the stress out of going to the doctor because he travels to your place. Which means you get the pain relief you been wanting, return to your active lifestyle, and skip the traffic and waiting rooms.

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Time Management

  • No waiting rooms
  • No doctor note for work
  • No commute
  • Don’t have to leave your home
  • No Traffic
  • No shuffling the kids around

Tailored Treatments

  • Self-Care tailored to you and your abilities.
  • Doctor comes to you
  • Comfortable & Relaxing
  • Feel better quicker & longer
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Exercises & Stretches
  • Cold Laser & Kinesiology Taping

Convenience & Savings

  • Straightforward Pricing
  • No Long Treatment Plans
  • Save Your Time with No Commute
  • Minimal Appointments Needed
  • Membership Plans to Save Money

Our prices are straightforward, so you know what you’re getting before we start treatment! 
Even better, I travel to you and treat you in the comfort and privacy of your home. 
No more bumper to bumper traffic, sitting in waiting rooms, taking time off of work, or busing the kids in and out of the car.
Dr. Justin offers an array of chiropractic services when & where you need it.

Four Time Author

Meet Justin Trosclair, DC

As a chiropractic graduate of 2007, he spent 6 years in Denver, CO at his private practice. Once he sold it, he spent 5 years in a hospital TCM Department in Yunnan, China. He then ventured to a private clinic in Germany furthering his skills in a unique scoliosis chiropractic technique clinic.

Dr. Trosclair has many years of experience evaluating and treating nearly 7000 patients for various neck and back pain aliments with chiropractic adjustments, muscle work and exercises.

All those years have come full circle to be able to offer you the best treatment available from the comfort of your home or convenience of your office.

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Fees & Services

New Patient Visit

Exam & Treatment
$155 / first visit
  • House Call
  • Consultation
  • Orthopedic Exam
  • Neurologic Exam
  • Treatment
  • + Travel Fee Ranges $15-25

Membership Rates

Save Money Per Visit
$125 / per year
  • 11% Savings on Each Standard Treatment
  • $5 Off on Travel Fees
  • 15% Off Physical Products
  • 15% Off Classes
  • Free Copy of Today's Choices, Tomorrow's Health Book
  • A one time $55 enrolllment fee is required
I’ve tried the local TCM department in town for my back pain from lifting my grandkids but it just hasn’t worked. I came visit the foreigner and he got me pain free. As a bonus he and his wife are just so lovely and we enjoyed talking with them.
two grandmothers from pu'er without back pain
Zhang and Hu
Drove 5 hours For Relief From Back Pain
I came to Dr. Trosclair for severe dizziness and vertigo symptoms and headaches. I do the neck exercises and haven't had the issue for 3 years.
rib pain and some asthma improvements
Mrs Mai
No vertigo for 3 years, I do my exercises
 I sprained my AC (shoulder-collar bone) joint. I was set to play a tournament that weekend but the shoulder pain was intense. He put the Kinesio Tape on it. It was simply amazing and I was able to play competitive volleyball that weekend.
pro volleyball player needed help with his Shoulder pain
Ben A
The Kinesio Tape Is Keeping Me Playing Volleyball

Reasons to Use Dr. Trosclair for your House Call Pain Relief Needs

  • Get pain relief from your home
  • Doctor travels to you
  • Exercises taught for your level of injury and ability
  • Effective Stretches
  • Ergonomics
  • No Traffic
  • No Waiting Rooms
  • Worksheet Handouts for most recommendations
  • Low Cost Home Based Equipment (bands, balls, yoga mats)
  • Author of 2 Health Books
  • Nutritional Advice
  • No Need for a Babysitter
  • Quick Pain Relief
  • Lasting Results


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Download My Favorite 12 Exercises and 9 Stretches
(these are from my first book Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Health, get it on amazon today)

3 Simple Steps to Book an Appointment

STEP 1: Click and Schedule

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  • Pick Your Favorite Day and Time

STEP 2:  Pay a Reservation Fee

  • After picking your day and time, you will be asked to pay a small fee to reserve the new patient slot, (inital fee is reduced by this amount)
  • This amount is non-refundable if you no show or cancel with less than a 6 hour notice

*If you don’t use PayPal, call me and we can book over the phone

  • STEP 3: Be Ready
  • Have a small space available at your house or office for my portable table 
  • Be home and ready for the session to begin
  • Please put animals somewhere, sometimes they get nervous with strangers and the noises


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Everyone is different so the amount of time it takes to retrain their bodies and become pain free will differ. Typically the first couple sessions are more frequent and include more therapies to get your pain under control. You may feel better after a couple of sessions, but consistency gives you the best, fastest and long term results.  Since our main goal is to get you better as quickly as possible, you should expect exercises or stretches to be shown to you based on your experience and capabilities. Once you are feeling better, chiropractic care can be continued from once a week, once a month, to even once every 3 months depending on your current and long-term health goals. An ounce of prevention helps stop small problems from becoming big problems like they are now.

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At Trosclair Chiropractic we know you are the kind of people who want to be pain free and enjoying the activities that make you happy.
In order to be that way, you need your pain to stop interfering with life.
The problem is these symptoms don’t go away on their own completely which is why they keep showing up, which makes you feel frustrated, irritable and hopeless.
We believe that everyone deserves a chance at pain relief and we can help you reach your health goals.
That’s why Dr. Justin gets great results: he listens, customizes treatment to you and offers straightforward pricing.

Here’s how it works:
Step 1- Schedule an Appointment
Step 2- Dr. Trosclair Comes to Your House or Office
Step 3- Follow the Recommendations
So click HERE to schedule, so you can stop ‘making it through the day’ and start experiencing life again like it used to be, pain free.