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After the one night stay at the kai di hotel, they gave me a tour of the hospital. There are two parts. The part facing the street is a one story building with a breeze way big enough for three cars..but that is where people wait for treatment.  The building behind it is about six or seven stories and the second floor is for in-patient chiropractic patients.
We see patients ten days straight. With two American doctors we can do that. What is wild though, the government is willing to pay if they are admitted. So they are. But it takes them hours to do the routine. They go on the spinal decompression table for thirty minutes, then second floor for about thirty minutes of massage, acupuncture etc, then back to me for a ten minute adjustment, stretch and rub down. I don’t really like massaging much but I do it and when I do it the patients are like oh oh it’s better. Patients can be there for an hour just waiting on me. No rush to get through them.
The population we treat are more of the farmer type. We do our treatment on them but their work requires them to bend over all day.  Luckily, chiro is effective. Because of the language barrier it’s a little difficult to explain that there bulging discs will probably not become completely pain free.
I work thursday thru Monday. I know, random.
The place employs like 16 people to handle the load. Personally we could half it and be fine. The co workers are fun though. Some are low twenties others are forties, thirties.  Sometimes the girls come off as teenager antics.  Real huggy and touchy with each other. Of course there is the office gossip and what not.  The manager is nice enough.

I was in a hour long Chinese meeting about patient care. Pretty much, be positive and professional. Also, translator and I need to explain more about condition and ask how they are doing…with a positive note.

Kind of the stuff Americans want to know as well.

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