The actual trip ands first few hours

I started my trav

But apparently United charges for second bag while others don’t, to Asia that is. When at lax the Malaysian airlines had another surprise for me. Oh no sir you must check your carry on, over fourteen pounds. There is another 110$ gone.

But it wasn’t quite that simple, my computer and chiropractic equipment was in it. So went to a store to get a box so its more secure. The worst part is that the fight was not booked solid so had plenty of overhead space so it would fit.

Craziest part was that I thought I was going straight to Malaysia, turns out I had a layover in Tokyo. A little stressed about it but they directed us well to appropriate place.  So finally at one ish Sunday I arrive in kunming.

Walking through the international terminal and saw a bunch of people filling out forms so I figured I better do the same. Gave it to the guard and he was satisfied.
Customs you might ask? Nope no one manning the booths so just kept on going.
Then I was met by a very pleasant looking Chinese girl,nana, and we left. Driving is like a free for all . They got lost getting out of kunming, and took an exit to ask.

Then went the wrong way to get back on the interstate.  We stopped at a china pilot/travel station style truck stop thing…got some corn on the cob and duck leg quarters.

Ok I’ll write some more later.


4 thoughts on “The actual trip ands first few hours

  1. Ahhh! This is so cool…and I love your Flickr feed too. Maybe we could have warned you about the overhead bin thing. When we went to Italy last year that happened to all three of us traveling. We were about to coast on through security and all of our bags were so much more than a certain amount of kilograms so we had to check it all and make it fit in our purses and bags if we wanted anything on the plane. In the future, Berlin Air does that too.
    Haha, I’ve heard driving there is crazy! How is your apartment?! The view from the pool looks a little like the Golden foothills. I’m glad you found some comfort food there too!

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