Reboot for year two

I AM BACK!!!  Did you miss me?

This is a teaser post. Soon I will give you an update on my past year and on the new news of me returning to China for two years.  It will be a story of awe inspiring wonder, money, relationship news, new translator, and more travel.  Same job, same city, same hospital and new responsibilities and every 60 days I have to leave the country. I hope you enjoyed my last blog entries and I look forward to writing more over the coming years.

PS: I will also be putting my old posts/stories back to public mode now that my visa is secured, never can be too careful, I don’t think I have anything that would be offensive but just had to be safe.

PSS:  looking back i decided against do blog posts and just put stuff on social media.  apparently flickr is still active and has lots of photos from 14 countries we visited.

1 thought on “Reboot for year two

  1. YAY! Sorry I haven’t had a chance to call back (I did once and had a crummy airport connection on ground time and it just went to your VM). I am so excited for all of this and I can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

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