Chicken Soup for the Soul? | listen

For those who have been to a chiropractor to help heal their low back and neck pain,

they notice the beneficial qualities of an adjustment and can listen to their body to know when a check up is necessary.

Today you are in for a special treat. I want you to eavesdrop in on what
Mark Victor Hansen, one of the most successful authors in America has to
say about health and chiropractic care.

If you don’t know Mark, he’s the co-author of the famous “Chicken Soup
For The Soul” series of books. They’ve sold close to 100 million books
world wide. That’s amazing!

In the past 14 years, Hansen has made many presentations to chiropractic
audiences, and he feels an affinity for the service oriented profession.

“Visualizing is realizing, because I’m trying to take people to new ground,”
he states, “and I found a friendly home in chiropractic, because chiropractors
are willing to listen
and let their innate intelligence go and glow and grow,”
says Victor Hansen.

After witnessing an adjustment in 1971, Hansen became interested in
chiropractic’s beneficial effects and now uses it to maintain his “hyperactive”

“I am enchanted with chiropractic and I am a lifelong fan,” he says. “I saw
someone get adjusted in Boulder, Colorado, and I thought that it would be
a good idea to stay in alignment on a full time basis. Chiropractic is one of
the highest spiritual art forms on the planet, because chiropractors are
making sick people well and keeping healthy people healthy

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An avid runner who also trains with weights, he receives adjustments twice
weekly and pays for his staff members to receive chiropractic care, as well.

“I think everyone is supposed to have a full life and lifestyle,” he emphasizes.
“At least, that’s the way I enjoy living every nanosecond of my life. So,
chiropractic keeps me tuned in and turned on. I am an advocate of
chiropractic as the first line of health-care defense.”

“My definition is health is a progressive level of healing. A chiropractor is
one of the first-line doctors who can tell you what you need and where to
go, and most people don’t even know that it exists.”

He proudly notes that his daughter Melanie, an aspiring equestrian, has
expressed an interest in becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.

“She can read her own body and tell when she’s out of adjustment,” he
states. “The other day, she said, ‘Dad, before I go to school, I’ve got to
get adjusted. Jumping all day yesterday put me out.’

It’s amazing to me that kids, who have grown up with chiropractic, know
that you can get adjusted. And they can feel when they’re in alignment and
out of alignment. And somebody who doesn’t know what chiropractic is
can say, ‘Oh, there is no such thing,’ and then chronically suffer.”

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“For me, my neck gets out of whack,” he continues. “Just sitting in an
airplane seat a quarter of a million miles a year is not good for the human
body, but I’ve done it for 27 years.

I don’t plan on quitting, so thank God for chiropractic. To have a progressive
level of healing, you need to have a chiropractor on your health team.”

(Excerpt from an article in the September/October 2001 edition of Today’s
Chiropractic, by James Panter.)

I’m not going to be shy here. Of all the different treatments available to you,
chiropractic care is one of the best, if not the best there is.

Don’t deny you and your family the positive benefits that come from getting
regular chiropractic adjustments.

Have a wonderful day!


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