Check out who gets chiropractic care

Celebrities and athletes love chiropractic

Personally I don’t care, but people like Public Proof.

Who else receives chiropractic care?  Check out this list of professional
athletes and Hollywood celebrities who use chiropractic care to stay

These famous people all have the ability to choose any health care in the
world, but they have unanimously chosen chiropractic for its health and life
enhancing capabilities!

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I haven’t listed everybody because I didn’t want this blog to be too long!

*disclaimer: these people do NOT see me as their chiropractor.


Tiger Woods
Michael Jordan
Wayne Gretzky
Charles Barkley
Joe Montana
Muhammad Ali
Bruce Jenner
Mark McGwire
Barry Bonds
Mary Lou Retton
Evander Holyfield
Dan O’Brian
Scottie Pippen
John Stockton
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Emmit Smith
Dan Marino
Fred Funk
Brett Hull
Denver Broncos Football Team
Colorado Rockies Baseball Team
Atlanta Falcons Football Team
San Francisco 49ers Football Team
Detroit Lions Team Football Team
Dallas Cowboys Football Team
St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team
Detroit Redwings Hockey Team
Most NFL Football Teams
Most NBA Basketball Teams
Most Major League Baseball Teams


Mel Gibson
Sylvester Stallone
Robin Williams
Denzel Washington
Whitney Houston
Kim Bassinger
Alec Baldwin
David Copperfield
Richard Pryor
Bob Hope
Andy Griffith
David Cassidy
David Duchovney
Richard Gere
Whoopie Goldberg
Ted Danson
Macaulay Culkin
Demi Moore
Johnathan Lipnicki
Tea Leoni
Steven Segal
Jerry Seinfeld
Burt Reynolds
Robin Wright
James Earl Jones
Christie Brinkley
Clint Eastwood
Linda Hamilton
Jane Seymour
Dolf Lundgren
David Spade
Van Halen
Members of Bon Jovi
Travis Tritt
Kenny Loggins
Members of Greatful Dead
The Eagles

It’s pretty cool to see how many of America’s best athletes, entertainers,
and musicians use chiropractic care.  In order for these people to earn big
money and do their job well, it’s extremly important that their bodies are
healthy.  Chiropractic care is able to keep them going strong.  If it works for
them, it will also work for you.

Have a wonderful day!


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