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What you need to know about back surgery

Posted by on Dec 11, 2014 in lifespan, low back pain, surgery | Comments Off on What you need to know about back surgery

Previous back surgery is  associated with significantly worse general health status than those  without surgery among patients with low back pain. Get adjustments to keep you low back pain free. Some people have the opinion that if their back pain gets too painful, they can just go under the scalpel and have back surgery. Not a good idea. Research from one of the most prestigious medical research journals in the world, SPINE, is showing that back surgery is not very effective. disc surgery is permanent, try chiropractic adjustments 1st, research suggests it Click To Tweet For starters, this study said that 5 to 18% of people who have low back surgery will require a re-operation.  Some studies say those numbers are as high as 50%. Secondly, the study evaluated over 18,000 patients and found that patients with a history...

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