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Pain relief for your neck, low back, headaches and sciatica

Today I have a gift for you!

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014 in Blog, promotion | Comments Off on Today I have a gift for you!

Show you love your family, give them a gift The gift of pain relief and an active lifestyle So I want to give you a gift. When patients realize that there is much more to chiropractic care besides back pain relief, that it can be a service that optimizes health and improves your quality of life, they want to tell others. So with everything that chiropractic care has to offer people, it’s only natural that many of my new patients and those on this e-course want themselves, their spouse or children to get chiropractic care too. I know that health care costs can add up. So here’s my gift to you and your family: Within the next two weeks, anyone in your family can come in and receive their first visit in my office at $31 cost.  This includes...

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